10 years apart

I have a friend who is 10 years younger than me. We live in different cities so we used to chat heaps online…4 hours every night – telling each other things we’ve never told anyone before. Over time I’ve discovered what I feel for him is a lot more than friendship. The trouble is he’s 24 and I’m 34+. He went quiet about a month ago and I told him how it upset me but not how I felt. He says that he’s not hiding anything but it was really abrupt.When i question him he just says I over analyse things.

I decided to try and move on and wouldn’t you know it…now he texts me quite a bit but usually takes 24 hours to reply…even when he has just texted me! His behaviour makes me think either he feels the same way about me but the age thing freaks him or he is embarrassed about me knowing his secrets and tried to drive me away but really needs me. I am in two minds about telling him how i feel cos it may cost me my best friend.

4 thoughts on “10 years apart

  1. LOL! Seriously, you can’t get a guy your own age? I wonder what sort of stuff you have in common with a 24 yr old? You don’t expect him to marry you or anything right? He sure as hell is not gonna do that LOL!

  2. Lady you need to go out and find you a real flesh and blood person closer to home who is about YOUR AGE. This chatting crap is unhealthy and dangerous.

    And you falling for some dude you’ve never met before sounds sorta psycho to me. And remember this: More than likely he HAS a wife is obesely FAT and likes to read / look at internet porn.

    You are setting yourself up for a MAJOR disapointment. Disconnect yourself from the Net and find you a nice construction worker who will plow you with his jack hammer…he he he .

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