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  1. From my pov, if u have a dream, working to achieve it properly like you should, not hurting anyone physically/mentally with your actions, socializing well, staying healthy, not thinking about p0rn 24/7, having a real life outside (not staying on internet always) , Then I think you are perfectly fine. I am a 19yo female who is properly working to achieve my dreams, I cant afford to be in a relationship now for various reasons, I dont like having temporary relationships for personal urges/desires, so I pleasure myself using p0rn on internet often, I learnt to not let that habit harm my goals, health, social life,etc . So I am fine, you should be too. If you ever happen to get into relationships, watch out, don’t hide this hobby from your partner, don’t depend on internet p0rn too much, it might lead to losing interest (sexually) in your partner and also dissatisfying their “needs” .

  2. this is totally normal. your hormones are raging right now, and you’re going through the early stages of puberty. It’s also normal to feel guilty.

  3. Dear “pre-teen”…..you have a porn addiction and it can mess up your life. It is just as bad as being a drunk, drug addict, thief, etc. no better. You will never have a really and truly great relationship with a woman as long as you can’t keep your eyes off that sh*t constantly. It leaves no room for the real thing between you and the one you supposedly care about.

  4. Dear Pre-teen,

    Please let your parents know you are doing and what you are exposing yourself to so that they can properly guide you, so as to avoid corrupting your young mind and morals. Do this today and be well.

  5. It is natural to be curious, but please try and see if you can find better ways. Is there a grownup you trust that you can talk to about this? When I was your age, my parents had lots of porn around the house. This was before the internet. I went in every drawer and every ‘secret’ place in my house – even getting it from my parents’ cars. I was home alone a lot. It made me devalue myself, and led to me having sex way too young. Sex is not just the physical act. I’ve had relationship problems my whole life. I felt the only worth I had was sexual worth, and gave myself away much too freely. It led me into many, many scary situations. I don’t know if you’re a boy or girl, but it applies to both genders.

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