Stepbrothers Abuse

When I was 10, my mother died and my father was never home. Two years later, he got remarried to a woman with two stepbrothers a year older and two years older than me. At first, they were okay and ignored me flatly. But, when I turned thirteen, they turned horrible.
The older one, let’s call him Matt, and the younger one, let’s call him David, shared a room with me because my dad and stepmother didn’t care about us and were often not home.
One day Matt and David were talking quietly to each other and I was reading. They got up and sat on my bed. Suddenly, Matt pushed me off the bed and kicked me up, telling me to get up.
That was only the beginning. After that day, they continued to harass me and there was one day I still remember in detail.
Matt forced me to get on all fours on the ground. I was only a little younger, but a great deal smaller and I had no confidence. David sat on me and forced me to walk around like a mule while he ‘steered’ me by harshly pulling my hair. All this while Matt smacked my butt. Hard, so hard it left a bruise.

That went on for years, until I was in college and sought help. Matt and David aren’t allowed to be near me, but I didn’t press charges. They did horrible things to me. I still have nightmares.

2 thoughts on “Stepbrothers Abuse

  1. Dear Friend,

    What happened to you was horrendous and is not your fault. You were unfortunately abused by them. Now that you’re older, reveal this information to your father and stepmother. They need to know what happened to you and to apologize for neglecting to protect you. Also contact your step brothers and confront them about abusing you. They should also apologize but don’t count on it. They will likely deny that it happened. Anyway, you will begin to feel better once you get it out of your system. After these steps, get therapy for yourself so that you can begin to heal from the trauma of the abuse. The last step is most important, so don’t skip it. Take care of yourself and let us know how things work out.

  2. Im sorry that happened to you. Its not surprising you cant forget about it. Its an emotional scar. Just write about it in journal or get some counseling. Its hard and not easy to forget something like that. You never will. Just try to accept this happened and move on. Thats alot of years you put up with that.

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