My family has always been religious, not as in super close to god or anything- just religious. I was raised Muslim and that’s how I’ve always wanted to keep things, though now I’m not so sure, this year especially they’ve been really pushing religion down my throat, I remember we got into a conversation about if either me or any of my siblings were gay what would their reaction to it be, so my dad answered that he would flat out disown us, he then began to say all these things from our holy book that state that it’s a sin to be gay and all that jazz. I think my mum suspects that I’m gay, or in the very least bisexual because every time we talk about crushes she says “well as long as it isn’t a girl”, I’ve only told one person from my family, my twin and she’s been super supportive of me so far. My parents aren’t mean or anything, they’re just sorta old-fashioned but I love them to bits and it makes me sad knowing that I might always carry the fear of coming out to them

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  1. it is simple .. just be a Muslim or don’t b a Muslim .. if u want to be a real Muslim its clear to think of doing that kind of sin .. you can say Muslim are stupid say shit say whatever u want ..but that’s Islam accept it or leave it .

  2. I know your struggle, I have a cd gurlfriend who is Muslim and lives a lie hiding his gay side and need to dress up as well. Good luck honey

  3. Dear Friend,

    Are you self supporting and living away from your family? If so, feel free to live as you choose. Your sexual orientation does not limit their lives in any way and if they are closed minded about it, simply don’t discuss it with them. Use the support system that you have now and build on it. Therapy or attendance at a LGBT group might assist you to come to terms with this issue more. Take care and let us know how things work out.

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