Not worthy

Ever since I was a child I never felt good enough. I never felt like I deserved to have nice things happen to me. I have no idea why. To this day it holds me back in some ways.

5 thoughts on “Not worthy

  1. I also felt the same way until I began to read self help books and then I learned that nobody is perfect.

    1. My mom had an issue with low self-esteem IMO due to the fact that she was the baby in a large Italian family that ignored her because she was conceived as an accident…her mother did not more children..
      So she never felt that good about herself and used to be ashamed of every little thing. If there was a fight in the family she would be shushing us like crazy, lemmee tell ya there lots of skeleton in her closet because she had this coping mechanism where she would pretend a problem just did not exist…It drove me nuts.

  2. Hello, you’ve just have to let go of that FEELING and make the best of your life.
    We all are suppose to enjoy life, why not try expecting good things to happen to you…about being good enough, that depends on who you are meauring yourself with. Just live…you’ll find out that people really have one or two things they’ll like to learn from you.

  3. I think that a lot of people feel as you do. Years ago I used to feel the same way until I got therapy in order to figure out why I so little valued myself. Maybe you should look into getting counseling also so that you can figure it out. Good luck.

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