I watched a bullies house burn down and I didn’t call

Many years ago a bullies house caught on fire and I didn’t tell my parents. We were the only neighbors living nearby. My parents eventually saw the fire and called the fire department but the house was completely engulfed in flame and burned to the ground before the got there. Several sheds were also destroyed. The fire was due to faulty wiring and oily rags and papers stored in the basement. Had the people who lived there had been decent I would have tried to help.

6 thoughts on “I watched a bullies house burn down and I didn’t call

  1. As bad as it sounds I would have done the same thing. Emotions eh? You know it’s wrong but you don’t want to show kindness to someone who won’t show you one.

  2. Well, the correct path would have been calling emergencies instead of watching the house burn, but then, we are humans, and many of us can’t feel sorry for bullies and stuff. Had my neighbor been a rapist or something, I would have done the same. Better yet, may make sure he dies

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