From a Former Bully

When I was in elementary school, I was bullied a lot. To divert the attention to myself and relieve the pain, I hurt some of my classmates, both mentally and physically. It was f***** up, and ever since those days, the guilt has eaten away at me. I apologized to one of you, but for some I will never get the chance to apologize because you moved away. You can be sure I have gotten exactly what I’ve deserved because I am now completely alone and have been bullied throughout highschool. I am so sorry to put you through this isolation and pain that I now feel. I hope, wherever you are, you feel better and have forgiveness in your heart.

2 thoughts on “From a Former Bully

  1. Being a kid is hard. They don’t think or rationalize like adults. The emotions are primal, driven by emotion. Don’t feel bad for what you did as a child, were all douchebags until we hit about 25lol.
    I’m 35 and barely remember any part of school except bits of high school. Kids al think that life is like school. Its not. Just grow up to be a good person. Thats all you can do.
    Its obvious you have remorse. Don’t beat yourself up at some point almost everybody in school was a bully, bullied or both like you ( most are both) you know what you did was wrong. Just choose to be a good person moving forward. Good things will happen.
    Oh. BTW I’m an Army infantry combat vet, 3 tours iraq. I was a shitty person when I got out. Mad at the world even though I new I was a good person I was very cynical. One technique I was forced to use by my therapist was to compliment somebody at least once a day. It had to be a stranger and I had to smile and sound sincere. It actually worked. It could be as simple as telling some dude in line at the grocery store I liked his shoes or complimenting a lady/girl she had pretty hair or purse etc. Nothing creepy or gay, just nonchalant , off the cuff. dont make it soundlike your starting a convo or hitting on her just mention it, theyll smile and say thanks then go back to checking out your phone or whatever. They would always smile and say thanks. I made somebody feel a little better and it also makes you feel good having made somebodies day brighter. I thought it was stupid but I tried it once and stuck with it. I dont do it all the time now but at least once a week I try to make a stranger feel better. Especially the not so pretty girls, make something up or actually find something to compliment them on. They’ll remember it for a long time and it may just be they random act of kindness that person needed.

  2. dont worry man, everyone makes mistakes, just learn to let go of that part of yourself and you can make amends by speaking up AGAINST bullies now!

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