Tracked someone I’ve never met on facebook for 6 years

This is a really weird confession. 6 years ago I came out of a long term relationship, and had a really short fling with a guy. I was a bit of a mess after the break up, and got really insecure and jealous about this new guy. There was a really pretty girl who sometimes left messages on his facebook. There wasn’t really anything suspicious … Continue reading Tracked someone I’ve never met on facebook for 6 years


Im afraid of being touched. It doesnt bother me to touch others, but i feel so uncomfortable when people touch my bare skin. I used to self-harm when i was younger, and i still have a lot of scars. My friends and family just think its a personal space thing, but its so ashaming. Is this going to ruin my life? Continue reading Nudity

The Feeling

I answer calls at a suicide hotline. I didnt really understand what it would be like to feel like wanting to end your life, on the edge of maybe dying so sometimes I replicated situations of someone almost killing themselves; I’d put a handful of pills in my mouth, but not swallow, I’d lay face down in the pool water, holding my breath until the … Continue reading The Feeling