Sex with her…

I’ve never been self conscious about my body, but somehow feel terrified of having sex with her because a couple of years back she confessed she wouldn’t date me because I was overweight. Now she has changed so much and has become a better person. We are perfect for each other, but I am still afraid she will leave me for having a not so … Continue reading Sex with her…

I’m going to have sex with my high school teacher

It’s 15 year old me’s dream come true: The teacher I adore wants me and is more than willing to do what I’ve always dreamed of him doing. He’s still a teacher and I’m barely now 20. He’s married with 3 kids, and I myself, am in a relationship of one year. I feel terrible for considering cheating, but this teacher is basically the one … Continue reading I’m going to have sex with my high school teacher

I feel horrible

Last night I went out clubbing with my friends. This guy ended up taking me back to his hotel and we had sex. The guy asked me to leave straight afterwards. I just feel used and dirty. I really liked him. We were dancing together all night and I am really attracted to him. But we’re never going to see each other again. I didn’t … Continue reading I feel horrible


I’m cheating in my husband. I have been in an affair 2 years and it is just for the sex. My husband has ED and is older than me. Ending the affair would mean NO sex for me. I Love my husband and have been married 28 years. It is not easy, but the only solution would be divorce and leaving him alone now he … Continue reading Affair

I want my manager?

At the store I work at, there’s a manager named *John*, and I don’t know how I feel about him. I close the store with him every Saturday, so we spend a couple of hours practically by ourselves just telling each other about our lives. He has some crazy stories, which makes him even more intriguing. He has told me about some hookups he has, … Continue reading I want my manager?