see you soon!

today i forgave you, for everything youve ever done to me. you left me with a child, no money, no house and no support. but without i wouldnt of gotten to where i am today. remember when you told me i wasnt smart enough and id never go far? i went back to school, i graduated top of my class, and i am now a … Continue reading see you soon!


I am going to kill my family, I want revenge,I have wanted it since i was born into this chaotic hell hole, they don’t deserve to live, Scum of the earth pieces of shit will burn in hell and the last thing they are going to see is my face. Maybe then they will see, Maybe then they will see! Continue reading Evil


She is threatening to tell everyone about us. It would ruin everything. I could lose the respect of everyone I work with (my job too?) I could lose my marriage. My kids. Why can’t she just let me go peacefully. We had our fun. I didn’t fall in love with her, even though she did with me. I never asked for that. It’s over let … Continue reading blackmail