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I am deeply and desperately in love with my best friend. It sounds like such a cliché love story, but something about her. The way she plays instruments, her spontaneity, her singing voice, her talking voice, her touch, her vocabulary, her admiration to what she loves, and the way she loves me. She always tells me about how she is in love with me but I am too scared to ask her what its about. My 2 biggest fears are not finding the person to spend the rest of my life with, and that person not being her. She is just, her. She thinks I’m straight, and I may be. But I love her like I have never loved before. Weird.

Unrequited love doesn’t just “go away”

Well, I’m in love with my best mate.

The problem is that it’s not new that I’m in love with my best mate. People give you advice on this stuff and its always either “tell them” or “it’ll pass” or a series of ways to make it go away.

Told him once. Nope, not interested (which is fine, you can’t control this stuff).

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that after ten years, this is not going to “pass”.

Make it go away? Ha. I moved to ******* Bangkok for a year to get some space from him and get over it. Nope, I loved him the whole bloody year, and I came home and still there. I’ve been on dates. I’ve practiced self-love/acceptance.

It is a right pain in the posterior.

Ten bloody years.

I accepted a long time ago that this is my issue, that I need to prioritise our friendship other other feelings and that I will be happy for him when he meets people even though it’s painful, and not make him feel guilty. And I’ve stuck to that. We have a great friendship.

I just get tired sometimes, of not being able to express to people that I still feel for him, and it does still hurt/feel good to be around him, and I do still want what I can’t have, because who wants to make everyone else uncomfortable around them?

“Get over it”. Yeah thanks. Like I haven’t tried.

“Just don’t see him”. Nope. FRIEND. I have THREE FRIENDS that I trust. I value all of them immensely. He’s a friend first and I’ll be damned if I lose him because I have inconvenient shit going on.

It’s worth the pain to keep him, it’s just that every now and again I need to acknowledge that these feelings are there.

The One That Got Away

Every time I see her, my heart skips a beat. She’s funny, smart, genuine, and she’s more beautiful than words can describe. I regret not pursuing a relationship with her. I just stayed friends. Never told her how I felt. Now I’m married to someone else. I love my wife, but I don’t think it can ever compare to what I feel for another. I just don’t think my heart made enough room for anyone else.

im in love with someone almost 2x my age

Im 19 and hes 35. I really do like him. I wanted to get serious with this so i started to tell myself you need to start being committed. We had a talk a few nights ago and he made me realize a lot of things. He told me that i really need to think this through. That hes almost twice my age and thats hes had a lot more experiences than i have. And that im young and i have a whole life ahead of me. And that we wont be able to grow old together. And that hes a guy that when he falls he falls hard. Ever since then ive been really thinking about everything. I really like him and i want to make this work but i cant stop thinking. All i know i that i really like him and that im crazy about him. I really care for him. But i dont want to do this and im going to do something stupid to hurt him. I have a bad history of hurting people. But this one i dont want to hurt. Plus i have terrible trust issues. What do you think i should do? I just want your opinion.

Love/Hate, plus I’m the other woman

I have a thing with this guy, but him and one of my best friends are dating. I care about her so much, but have this whole other side both me and him hide from her. Also, when things are going “too well” with me and him, I’ll start an argument or ignore him so I’ll remember he’s not perfect and I won’t get attached, but also so he’ll hate me for a bit, and we both have breathing room. His to go back to her.

In Love With My Wife, But I A Certain…

I have two soulmates. My wife and a woman that I have known since we were in kindergarten together. The Cosmos put me with the love of my life and teased me with what might have been.

Somewhere in this ocean of realities, she (my friend) and I never met, and therefore, the desire was never there! I crushed on her from age five until I was a teen and just ran as far away as I could! She was never meant to be mine.

It was a pure love. Something we both felt, and I know that now. And to be in love with your wife of almost two decades, but knowing that she’s a third of a cosmic ******* joke just makes me nauseated.

I believe in soulmates. My wife is my soulmate, I can see it in her eyes. But, I can feel that “the gal” was mine in some other life, something so much deeper and confusing than most men can understand.

I’m at the midpoint of my life and I don’t want some young miss thing. I want my wife and I want to be rid of this cosmic connection that keeps recycling me and “the gal”.

But like she said, “we have history.” Can you be in love with one person while another love draws to souls together? Is it love? Is it a crush? What the hell! WHY GOD! WHAT THE **** DID I DO TO PISS YOU OFF?

I’m a girl and I’m in love with a girl

This might not be the weirdest confession or anything but it’s been bothering me for months now.

I was unsure of my sexuality before I fell in love with this girl. She was someone from my school and she was really smart and good in her studies. I was only average and not-so-popular in my grade.

I’d known her for more than five years but I’ve never once spoken to her because we have totally different friends and no mutual friends between us. Until recently, I started making friends with her friends and we started talking. I know I’m in love with her because I’m always staring at her and stalking her in social sites. I know it’s weird and bad but I love her, and I felt that I need to know her more.

The problem is, I’m sure she isn’t into girls. A guy in our grade had confessed his love for her and she had said that she’d probably be with him after Grade 12. That saddens me so much, because I know I’ll never get to confess my love to her without her getting really mad at me. She’d detest me and hate me for the rest of her life. I didn’t want to end our friendship and she’s really important to me, and I do not want to lose her. She isn’t my best friend or anything so she wouldn’t understand me even if I’d told her my true feelings.

I couldn’t tell this to my family or friends. My parents would probably kick me out if they knew they had a lesbian daughter. My friends would look down on me too because my group of friends dislike lesbians and gays because according to them, LGBTs are gross.

I didn’t know what to do. Grade 12 is about to end and we’ll all be off to college next year and we’ll be going on separate paths. I’ll probably never see her again and I’ll end up being regretful about not telling her about my feelings for her, but if I’d told her, she’d hate me very much for this.

I clearly wasn’t hoping to make her love me back or anything. I just want her to understand that there’s someone out there who is willing to give up everything just to be with her. I want her to know that I’ll be there to support her and care for her even if she does not realize it. I want her to know that I genuinely love her and I am being serious about this. But I know I’d never tell her these, because I didn’t want to lose her and I didn’t want to haunt her. I want her to live a happy, ordinary life. I do not want to burden her because of me.

Nevertheless, I still want her to know that no matter what lies ahead in the future or who she ended up with, my initial wish to her was that she’d be able to live happily for the rest of her life. I want to promise her that no matter who comes into her life in the future, I’ll love her more than any of them does. If you’re seeing this, my love, please keep in mind that you’re beautiful and you have a big and kind heart. I’ve never loved anyone like I’ve loved you. You’re a very special person and I’ll always remember you, even after we’ve gone on separate paths.

Help me plz..Its killing me

I am in relation with a boy. We both love each other alot. our relation started 2 years back and everything was going awesome. then 6 months back I had to shift to another city due to work. That time my boy got some wrong friends. He started taking drugs alcohol. He got addicted to online chats. when I tried to stop him he left me. But I know he loves me alot alot alot so whenever normal he would cry and ask me to make everything fine and take him away from all those dirty things but once under the influence of drugs he would abuse me and didnt talk to me.
I know very well that I am his weakness and without me he will spoil his life so I lied to him. He trusts me alot and I took advantage of it. I told him that I consumed poison. I told him that doctors saved me but I will take many days to be fine. As our cities are very far so he cant come to see me. When he heard this he cried alot and asked sorry for everything.
He sweared to make everything fine and not to make me cry again. Now he is doing fine. He has left alcohol and drugs. He has left wrong chats and is now focussing on work. He is good with me now, just like before. He makes me happy always and at times cries and ask sorry for all the tears I cried for 6 months.
But This thought is killing me inside that he is fine today because I lied to him. If I tell him the truth he will be all spoiled again. My mind is not at peace because of the lie. Did I do a wrong thing by telling my boy a lie? please help me. please reply me honestly


I think I’m afraid of loving someone . After I made a confession to the boy I liked, I got rejected. I just locked away my heart, to avoid being hurt. When I have a crush on some one , I just keep it to myself .Ill just look and observe them. I don’t even try to get close to the person , I keep this distance . And deep down , I feel a little lonely. Like a missing gap. To be honest , I dont think I’ll ever find that person . I say I don’t need a boyfriend , but , I feel like I do. Maybe I’m not prepared for one ? maybe I cant love ?


I’ve only been in love once, and I never told them. I didn’t love the person I dated for the past 7 months but I told them I did.

Love confusion

Im a 24 male in a one year relationship.
I love my girlfreind whos is 22 but she lacks ambition in life her daily routine is siting around in dirhty close all talking about the activitys of her cats and dogs etc.. Evry time i with i feel like screming at her to get a life haha I have brought this issue before but nothing has changed its always turned around wen we fight over it and i always feeel guilty after even though she is a slob and moans about the simple daily tasks .. i love her and dont want to leave but my chronic people pleasing wont let me i feel like she doesnt deserve me!
Some advice would be great peace out all people living a double life :D

DJ Had Us Falling in Love

I went out with my guy friend a few weeks ago to get some drinks and vent about our failing relationships. Despite my long-time, secret crush on him, we had a strictly platonic friendship, but after way too many drinks and some love songs on the dancefloor, things got romantic. I went back to his **** because I was too drunk to drive, and we spent hours cuddling, kissing and he told me likes me. We didn’t go all the way. My failing relationship has since improved (although I should feel bad about what happened), but I can’t shake the memories of that night.
Now he won’t talk to me. I just want to be friends again.

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