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Future Husband

I fantasize and day dream (and over think) incredibly a lot . I fantasize about my future husband a lot, us on our honeymoon, us having sex, his smooth dark skin embracing me, and him just accepting me as I am . I am a virgin and I want to save myself for marriage as the last thing I give up in becoming one with my husband, and as a gift for loving me and being here till death do us part . I know I’ll love him so much, but I just get scared no one will want to marry me, ever .

I don’t care if I’m seen as childish for this, I just have all this love that I can’t just give out to anyone that comes along . So future husband out there, I love you so much.

A Hopelessly Complicated Situation

My best friend recently came out as pansexual. This was shortly after I fell in love with her. I’m a 17 year old guy and a senior in high school, so is she, minis the guy part of course. We’ve known each other for eight years and have become really good friends this year. I was afraid to tell her how I felt because I was worried it would ruin our friendship and I couldn’t stand that. She had a girlfriend for a while and that was hard to deal with but I found out from one of our mutual friends that she has feelings for me. A little while after her girlfriend dumped her I was going to tell her how I felt but then she started dating this other guy. I hate seeing her with him and I want to tell her how I feel but I’m just scared. Even though she has feelings for me I can’t tell her because I can’t accept that she would like me. I’m overweight and really awkward. But something just feels right between us. I really think we could work but I’m too afraid it would fail and at the moment so is she. Basically we both really like each other but were both too afraid to mess up this friendship that neither of us will do anything about it.

Girlfriend – I love her

She loves me and has never cheated on me or given me cause for thinking that she would, but I fear that she will eventually get tired of me and leave me for another, better guy. I feel that there are better guys out there for her, who can give her the life she deserves. But I love her so much and would do anything for her.

I recently read her journal, and in it she talked about how much she loved me – it was such a relief to read it although I felt quite guilty after. I watched gay porn a couple of times nearly a year ago, before I started going out with my girlfriend. I know I’m not gay (I’ve been straight my entire life), and I love my girlfriend, it was just out of curiosity. But I’m worried about what she’d think if she found out.

I feel like a horrible human being for these secrets that I have, and feel that if she knew the real me she would leave. I want to marry her but have feelings of fear due to the fact that divorce rates now are so high, and I feel like “Can this really last?”

Married and fell in love with another man

Yep. This is unexpected. I fell out of love with my husband after he cheated on me and was aggressive towards me. Therapy helped. I gave him another chance and still loved him.
But with the time I felt better. We are in a happy place now. He made it work and proved change.

And for the past weekes boom. It hit me. I fell in love with the guy I met more or less over work.

He is kind, smart and adorably sexy. We flirt and he makes me crazy with his looks.

No I didn’t do anything more than flirting. But I hope he would eventually.

And I don’t know how to deal with this. Unexpected. I hated my husband for cheating and ironically I hope for this guy to kiss me.

He doesn’t. He knows I am married.

And I am confused

I’m in love

With another man that should be my boyfriend, the only one that has showed me how amazing I am.. Instead I live with someone that mentally abuses me. I’m scared that I’ll never chose my happiness over his.

I am in love with my cousin sister and we both want to get married

I am 29 years old from eastern India. We have attraction to each other from our childhood and 2 years ago we have made our relationship formal as I told her that I love her and she also confessed that She has also same feeling for me. She is my maternal grandfather’s brother’s grand daughter. Can we get married?

Forever alone

Every time I meet a cute AND nice AND tall guy, i find out he has a girlfriend right away!!!!! Seriously!! 20 years old, never had a boyfriend, never been kissed.


I am deeply and desperately in love with my best friend. It sounds like such a cliché love story, but something about her. The way she plays instruments, her spontaneity, her singing voice, her talking voice, her touch, her vocabulary, her admiration to what she loves, and the way she loves me. She always tells me about how she is in love with me but I am too scared to ask her what its about. My 2 biggest fears are not finding the person to spend the rest of my life with, and that person not being her. She is just, her. She thinks I’m straight, and I may be. But I love her like I have never loved before. Weird.

Unrequited love doesn’t just “go away”

Well, I’m in love with my best mate.

The problem is that it’s not new that I’m in love with my best mate. People give you advice on this stuff and its always either “tell them” or “it’ll pass” or a series of ways to make it go away.

Told him once. Nope, not interested (which is fine, you can’t control this stuff).

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that after ten years, this is not going to “pass”.

Make it go away? Ha. I moved to ******* Bangkok for a year to get some space from him and get over it. Nope, I loved him the whole bloody year, and I came home and still there. I’ve been on dates. I’ve practiced self-love/acceptance.

It is a right pain in the posterior.

Ten bloody years.

I accepted a long time ago that this is my issue, that I need to prioritise our friendship other other feelings and that I will be happy for him when he meets people even though it’s painful, and not make him feel guilty. And I’ve stuck to that. We have a great friendship.

I just get tired sometimes, of not being able to express to people that I still feel for him, and it does still hurt/feel good to be around him, and I do still want what I can’t have, because who wants to make everyone else uncomfortable around them?

“Get over it”. Yeah thanks. Like I haven’t tried.

“Just don’t see him”. Nope. FRIEND. I have THREE FRIENDS that I trust. I value all of them immensely. He’s a friend first and I’ll be damned if I lose him because I have inconvenient shit going on.

It’s worth the pain to keep him, it’s just that every now and again I need to acknowledge that these feelings are there.

The One That Got Away

Every time I see her, my heart skips a beat. She’s funny, smart, genuine, and she’s more beautiful than words can describe. I regret not pursuing a relationship with her. I just stayed friends. Never told her how I felt. Now I’m married to someone else. I love my wife, but I don’t think it can ever compare to what I feel for another. I just don’t think my heart made enough room for anyone else.

im in love with someone almost 2x my age

Im 19 and hes 35. I really do like him. I wanted to get serious with this so i started to tell myself you need to start being committed. We had a talk a few nights ago and he made me realize a lot of things. He told me that i really need to think this through. That hes almost twice my age and thats hes had a lot more experiences than i have. And that im young and i have a whole life ahead of me. And that we wont be able to grow old together. And that hes a guy that when he falls he falls hard. Ever since then ive been really thinking about everything. I really like him and i want to make this work but i cant stop thinking. All i know i that i really like him and that im crazy about him. I really care for him. But i dont want to do this and im going to do something stupid to hurt him. I have a bad history of hurting people. But this one i dont want to hurt. Plus i have terrible trust issues. What do you think i should do? I just want your opinion.

Love/Hate, plus I’m the other woman

I have a thing with this guy, but him and one of my best friends are dating. I care about her so much, but have this whole other side both me and him hide from her. Also, when things are going “too well” with me and him, I’ll start an argument or ignore him so I’ll remember he’s not perfect and I won’t get attached, but also so he’ll hate me for a bit, and we both have breathing room. His to go back to her.

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