I hate you

I hate this woman who is friends with my husband. He’s had plenty of girls that are friends before her that never bothered me, but I absolutely hate HER. I trust him with her, but he doesn’t understand that it’s obvious she has a crush on him and I can’t trust her at all. What’s worse is he works with her at a side job … Continue reading I hate you

My girlfriend’s husband raped her and I can’t do anything about it

My girlfriend, who is in the process of divorcing her abusive husband, was raped a few months back. She was raped by her own husband! Their marriage has been on the outs for sometime now and she has refused to be his “prostitute” for a number of years. He would come to her to “get him off” from time to time when she finally said … Continue reading My girlfriend’s husband raped her and I can’t do anything about it

I hate myself

I don’t think anyone could hate themselves more than I do. I hate my body, face, thoughts, and even the very sound of my voice. I hate that I can’t be pretty for other guys. I hate that I can’t achieve anything that I truly want in life. I hate being scared all the time. I hate that I have never had a boyfriend. I … Continue reading I hate myself

self provoking?

have you ever hated a family member so much, you dream of wrapping your hands around their neck til they turn cold and motionless. I have this very recurring dream from an “incident” that took place 4 years ago thanks to a “family” member i once called dad. I can’t stand him, I refuse to talk to him, the details won’t make much sense unlesss … Continue reading self provoking?

Evil thoughts

I pray all the time that a woman who cheated with my husband will die. I don’t care how or why. She has since cheated with another married man and broke up that family as well. I pray she gets her karma and then I feel bad because I hurt. What happened to the sister code here? Why can’t God make her suffer for her … Continue reading Evil thoughts