I dislike most people. I can’t help it. I’m an introvert with depression and suicidal thoughts. I have a few friends sure but I can’t keep romantic relationships. I don’t put in the effort needed for them because I assume everyone will leave me anyway or abuse me. I distrust most everyone because of my parents. I think I’m going to die alone and I … Continue reading Hate


I know I’m supposed to think that my autistic son is some kind of miracle who has enriched my life, but secretly I hate him and I wish I could give him up for adoption. I would if I knew he would move on with his life…but he’s with it enough to know who I am. To him, I’m the slave who feeds him, bathes … Continue reading Enough

Hate my students

Not all of them, just the ones fake illness or injury. Those who dont take no for an answer. Those that their parents never taught them manners. Those who come to school everyday and ruin the learning experience for kids who actually want to learn. Those that feel they are entitled and that rules dont apply to them. Those kids who always have the compelling … Continue reading Hate my students