I can’t stop lying, I lie to everyone. I think it comes from a deep-rooted sense that I am not good enough for anyone. I just hate myself. My workplace all think I was a successful entrepreneur when I was younger. I am not. I was actually sat depressed in my room for a year very ill because I couldn’t stop lying. I just want … Continue reading Lying


I drove drunk tonight. Again. Maybe I was buzzed. Regardless, I’ve done this before. It makes me so ashamed of myself. I’m terrified of getting caught and I know I will eventually, and I want to stopen. I feel as though my actions will catch up with me, though, and I hate I do this to myself. I feel pathetic. I always ask God for … Continue reading DUI


I’m not sure why I’m doing this, but I thought it might help. I feel guilty rather easily, but I’m not looking for pity or anything like that. Another student on my course trusted me with a note to slip under my housemate’s door. She clearly really trusted me to do this and I could see that she was physically anxious about it. I took … Continue reading Trustworthy?

Not Cheating.

Technically it’s not cheating. But I’m close friends with this guy who recently broke up with his girlfriend of 9 months, known him all year but their relationship ended a week ago. I’m seeing this girl, not officially dating, just been on some dates and a little bit of kissing. Well, tomorrow morning the guy and I are going to hook up in his car … Continue reading Not Cheating.


I am a 16 year old girl that secretly watches porn. I know its wrong but I can’t seem to stop and my parents would be so disappointed in me if they found out. We don’t exactly have a good relationship but they would never think I would do this. The guilt is eating me and I have to get it off my chest. There … Continue reading Pornography


I cant tell anyone about this. But when I was 13 a child (family relative) she used to rub herself against me and I didnt stop it. I never like asked her to do ANYTHING but I didnt stop it and now I’m 20 and I cant stop thinking about it I feel like I’m a terrible person And it keeps me up every night. … Continue reading Guilt

people confess to me

People confess deep, dark, horrible terrible things to me. Sometimes, it’s just that they constantly get drunk at work, or do heroin at work, sometimes it’s worse. The most recent and most terrible, was my friend of five years confessing he raped someone while they were passed out drunk. For many months I kept this secret, not really knowing what to do or say, knowing … Continue reading people confess to me