Every single day I live a lie, I am Bisexual, I think about girls all the time, it kills me to have to hide it all the time. I think I have known for awhile, but I’m too scared to come out, my father’s family is so religious, strong conservative Christians, they don’t believe in the gay lifestyle, and I fear my mother’s family is … Continue reading Fear

They Should Probably Take My Driver’s License

I’m afraid to be completely honest with my shrink, therapist, or gp about how badly I dissociate, and especially about the times it happens while I’m driving, because I don’t want my driver’s license taken away from me… it doesn’t happen a lot while driving, and if it starts before I need to drive somewhere I’ll cancel and stay home to be safe. It’s just … Continue reading They Should Probably Take My Driver’s License


Everything scares me. I can’t picture myself having a future. I’m afraid of who I am and who I could become again. I struggle with relapse, and I feel like I can’t talk to anyone about it because I’m afraid they’ll be disgusted by me. I should have never gotten started with it in the first place. Continue reading Scared