I’ve had 4 horrible years and its almost over

I’ve been dealing with a divorce after my wife had a life changing event – surgery – and she wants to be someone else now. Along with my Mom passing away from cancer and my estranged sister of 12 years hiring a lawyer to challenge me as the trustee. So its been four years of relationship, family and legal battles. Well it may be coming … Continue reading I’ve had 4 horrible years and its almost over

I Can’t Stand My Grandson’s Girlfriends!

How unusual, right?! Ha. So I’m raising my grandson; he’s smart, creative, articulate, a very good young man (17 yrs. old), but his girlfriends are always manipulative, domineering little tarts. None of them have had a peaceful, decent home life, so they use my house as a part-time hotel. So here’s the confession part: I know I can’t hurt my relationship with my grandson by … Continue reading I Can’t Stand My Grandson’s Girlfriends!

My kids

No one has enough power over my emotions to break me anymore…but my 2 adult children are the most insensitive, selfish people, who think nothing of bashing me over the head with the cruelest indifferent attitude and just inexcusable disregard for me and for their father’s memory. A couple of days ago it was husbands birthday and the next day was my sons birthday…actually its … Continue reading My kids