Ugly Duckling

When I younger I always thought of myself as an ugly person, in both appearance and personality and I honestly never thought I’d get a boyfriend. Now I’m 18 and apparently beautiful and guys constantly throw themselves at my feet, even though I have a boyfriend and I’m loyal, but secretly I love it to bits since I never get this attention, but I’ll never … Continue reading Ugly Duckling


When my boyfriend was 12, he witnessed a double murder of two girls his age as they were walking on the street at night. A group of teens in some car rolled up and attacked him and the girls. He nearly beat one of them to death but they all got away and he got knocked out. When he woke up he saw one of … Continue reading Homicide

My Top Secret

my mother was maid servent. i have been stolen many money from her work place [employer pocket] when i help my mother by sweping owner home. i was very little, even before i enter school. one day i caught after spending stolen money but i denied by acting, i cryed. another big secret is.. i seen my mother having physical relation with neighbour old age … Continue reading My Top Secret


I experienced all forms of child abuse from my biological father and it didn’t go away til I was 13, I started cutting when I was about 9, I quit off and on for awhile when I was 14 and I’m 15 now and I haven’t in a few months. When I was 13 he and my mother made a deal where he practically sold … Continue reading Abuse