I watched a bullies house burn down and I didn’t call

Many years ago a bullies house caught on fire and I didn’t tell my parents. We were the only neighbors living nearby. My parents eventually saw the fire and called the fire department but the house was completely engulfed in flame and burned to the ground before the got there. Several sheds were also destroyed. The fire was due to faulty wiring and oily rags … Continue reading I watched a bullies house burn down and I didn’t call


Recently I’ve been getting big waves of sadness just by thinking. I started crying the other night because I was thinking about how I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding, my bouquet got more compliments than I did.. I only got one compliment. Imagine how I felt…. sometimes I feel like everyone doesn’t care for me and wouldn’t care if I died. I’m only … Continue reading Sadness


My family has always been religious, not as in super close to god or anything- just religious. I was raised Muslim and that’s how I’ve always wanted to keep things, though now I’m not so sure, this year especially they’ve been really pushing religion down my throat, I remember we got into a conversation about if either me or any of my siblings were gay … Continue reading Sexuality