The Thin Ones

I’m a woman and my thin friends always get more attention from men, regardless of complexion or health. When it happens, I smile, but I want to kill them.

4 thoughts on “The Thin Ones

  1. It is actually a myth that fat was ever beautiful. Plump maybe, but obese, no. A review of past artwork reveals that the women were indeed curvier, with only a few exceptions that delve in the rolls of fat. Though it can be argued that the obese women were simply painted–but not necessarily cherished as beauties. 

    It is also a myth that men prefer the super skinny. Current research shows that women are the ones favouring low BMI bodies, men still like them mostly in the healthy bmi, and the low range of overweight. There is actually a preference for overweight to underweight.

    If you would like to see it for yourself, google image “playboy models” then “vogue models”.

    That said, these are averages. There will always be people with different tastes. As for the hatred–well that is jealousy and jealousy is unpleasant, but a natural emotion in the range of human feelings. It’s what you do about it that counts. If you mistreat your friends, or dwell on self pity, a change will have to occur. Either make peace, change friends, or accept reality. If you can see the jealous feeling for what it is and let it go within a sane margin, then so be it.

    Life isn’t always pleasant or rewarding.

  2. The guy above has it BACKWARDS. The societal trend toward men preferring thinner women is a totally modern-day phenomenon.

    That said, someday all you gals will be 50 and NO ONE will look at you, regardless of weight.

    That also, said, come here, big girl, let me caress your soft curves and hold your chubby face in my hands – I have no use for skinny women except as friends.

  3. Sucks but a preference for thin ladies is built into us guts. It comes from the survivalist caveman days when we paired up for survival rather more than any other reason. A thin woman is perceived as healthier, as having better genes, generally much more adept at survival, and that’s what our ancestors chose for.

    It’s how we guys think, we’ve got a built-in thing for the thin women. But somewhere out there is the guy for you be patient.

  4. Dear Friend,

    Instead of hating on your friends, you might consider paying a bit more attention to what they are doing to attract men.

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