How do you permanently get rid of a Stalker?

My Ex girlfriend from the 1990s has been calling my house and job periodically for the past 25 years. I am now married and she still won’t stop. I’ve moved, changed jobs twice and had several telephone numbers. She always tracks me down, thanks to business like intellis, which sells people’s private information for a fee. Has anyone had to deal with this kind of thing before? It is so annoying that I wish that she would die. God doesn’t seem to answer my prayers concerning having her stop. How do I permanently get rid of her short of violence? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Be careful and vigilant for your family’s sake. She sounds like an obsessive psycho.

    But do not acknowledge her in any, way , shape or form.

  2. How active is she? Does she try to get you to friend her under another name on Facebook? Does she show up all the time? Document all of her intrusiveness. If she shows up at your job or home, take her picture with your phone. Block her number. Also, don’t take any of the advice here to respond with violence. If she hasn’t been violent and you are, then she could have you arrested. She could even successfully sue you for attacking her. Then you’ll wind up owing her money!

  3. I can assume that you’ve since contacted the police hundreds of times, gotten numerous restraining orders placed on her?
    Here’s a fun answer for you. Maybe you’ll brush this off as nonsense, but when you’re desperate, you’ll try anything, right? Try casting a curse on her.
    There are many people out there who believe that magic is real. Me, I’m not sure what I believe—but it’d definitely be interesting to try.
    If you cast a powerful curse on her, she might even die, if that’s your intent.
    You could also try contacting an experienced witch near your area, as they might yield better results. If you’re inexperienced or uncertain, you might not get any results. Try searching; I’m sure that you’ll find somebody who would be willing to do it, for pay.
    This may not work at all, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

      1. I have a stalker, cops got mad at me for not filing a restraining order, so I did. Judge denied it. Now he’s stalking me through Facebook, Google, any where he can get an opening, like a public post. So what good does it do to file an RO, If judges allow it to continue, listen to them & won’t let you submit anything for rebuttal??

      2. That’s been my response to people suggesting things like that. Prayer isn’t helping, but I’d rather please God than help the devil and the demons possessing the jerk.

  4. Be serious would you? Stalkers don’t give a damn about what you do if they are determined to harass you. I reported this to the police years ago and they told me they had better things to do. She has since moved to another state so a restraining order means nothing.

  5. Turn your vag inside out and grow a pair like for instance tell her not to contact you anymore and if she does seek police help and get a restraining order against her, after all stalking is a crime. But me honestly id have kicked her teeth in a long time ago

  6. go and talk to her properly once.ask her what is her problem.tell her to make a new start.believe me you have to talk to her once and for all.

    1. I’ve did this very long ago, in the 1990’s and it only made her get worse. She started calling more frequently and sending nasty notes and unwanted gifts.

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