Hardest Emotion

The hardest emotion for me to express is anger and guilt.

People would usually say that the hardest one is love, but in my case, that’s false. It’s really hard to express anger for me because I’m just so afraid that I can lose control with it. That’s why every time I’m angry, I’m just silent about it. I don’t tell anyone about it, and sometimes, I even cry myself out because of it. I can’t do anything with my anger to anyone, to be honest, and I’m both proud and disappointed about that fact.

And as for guilt, well, let’s just say that even after I know I’m guilty for something, I’m still pretty shit in showing that to the people around me; and that makes me look like an asshole who can’t empathize with other people.

I really wish that I can fix myself.

2 thoughts on “Hardest Emotion

  1. You can fix yourself but it may mean doing some intensive work on anger management and expression. Exploring why you bottle up anger might also assist you to start freely expressing it. Therapy will likely also be useful with the above. Good luck.

    1. Joe
      Very nice clinical sounding opinion you have on why people bottle up anger. MY bottling up of anger is from MY life experiences which you have no idea about. If you could see me the last week you’d know I no longer have a problem in that department. I’m fuc*ing through with phonies, people who are out to hurt me for no damn reason, spoiled children, men, women who are nothing but whores and cum dumpsters etc. Baby, I’ve got confidants and a therapist…do you?

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