Dogs gotta go

Okay listen. This dog has to go. It was a f-ing mistake and I just don’t know how to get rid of it. Her owner refuses to accept that it was a mistake. I need to get rid of it or teach her owner a lesson so that something changes. She refusing to train it, it chews and breaks everything, I even told her so many f-ing times that she can’t get it but she did. It’s a freaking Great Dane people. It’s not okay. It’s ugly. I’ve been so close to just killing it and am thoroughly educated (through Google) on poisonous things to kill her off. There’s gotta be something. if this site has comments, please tell me what I should do. And don’t yell at me cause “dogs are precious don’t do it” cause I don’t give a f***. I’m not a fan of dogs.

5 thoughts on “Dogs gotta go

  1. The grown-up way of dealing with this is checking out the local by laws, and if the dog is in violation with any of the regulations, contacting Animal Control.

    They will typically ask the owner to comply with regulations first, and if there is a failure to comply, take the dog away.

  2. Take it to the shelter or just leave it in a dog park. You don’t have to kill it. The dog is probably just as miserable with you as you are with it. Do yourselves both a favor and take it somewhere so someone else can take care of it.
    PS I hope your girlfriend dumps you, too.

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