Work and Life

I supported my high maintenance ex boyfriend when he was broke. I am always there for people. Now I am buried with debts I don’t know if I could recover. No one even care to ask if I am okay. From those people I extended my help, no one cared to offer help.

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  1. I’m in the same situation.
    I’m fighting a losing battle. Debts up to my eyeballs. No family to turn to, because they disapproved of my ex partner.

    1. Oh no Sadgirl. Wish I could be there to talk to you. Don’t lose hope. All will be better soon. Still got debts but trying to sort them all out. You could do that too. Just be strong.

    1. Hi Angelpie. Thank you so much. I’m doing ok now and I hope we could help each other too to whatever we are both facing. I do hope all is well with you.

    1. That’s what I realized. My mom messaged me two weeks ago asking how I was and as expected, borrowing money. I told her I’ll be paying my rent and my son’s tuition fee (I’m a single mother) but she kept on bugging me telling me she’ll pay it off in a few days. I reminded her she has to pay it back. To give you a background, my mom left us over a young man my age. Few days and weeks had gone still no message from her after she got the money.

  2. the help you used to offer to other people, offer it to yourself. now it’s the moment you have to be there for yourself. there’s always time to pay debts, stay strong.

  3. Story of my life. At least you had a BF. I’m a male and can’t even get a glance. But as far as helping people out, I fee l you on that. I rarely get calls but when I do, it’s because they need something from me or for me to do something for them..In the midst of me bending backwards (which have stopped recently. Recently meaning in the last 6 months), that is when they ask. When I answer, they aren’t even present most of the time. You are not the only one..One thing I changed was stop showing face to show face. Do your own thing. Take care of yourself. Take your self out..

  4. This happens a lot of people. They take take take and when the cards are down there is no one there to help. Let this be a hard lesson learned. Unfortunately you’ll have to pay off the debts. Don’t ever let anyone borrow money or “loan” it. You might as well “give it away.” Your ex sounds like a lazy bum. Don’t ever support a man, or anyone else for that matter. The chances are that they wouldn’t do the same for you. Sorry to hear about this. We have to live and learn and not make the same mistakes twice. Doing the same thing and expecting different results equals insanity.

  5. It’s always like that.people are have to watch out for yourself,’s ok to help when you are sure that you have taken care of your own business already.

  6. I’m really sorry.. it’s hard but you’ll get through it, it’s taken me almost 10 years to get rid of all the debt I accumulated from trying similar circumstances… I’m down to about 8 thousand..

  7. Trust me at the age of 26 I came to learn that ppl loooove receiving but when it’s time to give there nowhere to be found! Of course we all know this but after so many experiences it’s hard to believe at times you know! I feel your frustration 😤

    1. Hi Alex! Glad you were able to find it out earlier that I did. I am now 29 and I’ve just realized people are taking advantage of me. I had an ex boyfriend who passed away 5 years ago and I helped him too with his medical expenses. I even cancelled my trip to HK because he said he needs money for his MRI and MRCP. Then I had this high maintenanced ex boyfriend and he spent his money in pubs and so I was the one who fed him. Then he cheated on me. This one made me realized I have been such a fool letting them take advantage of me.

  8. I feel this way a lot. I hope it gets better, but I highly doubt it. People can be huge asses. At least you know that you are a good person and to me, for myself, knowing I’m an awesome human being makes it better!!

    1. Oh Whitney! Our lives will get better as we are good persons. I’m glad that someone somewhere understands how I feel. Thank you so much. I hope all is well with you.

  9. Let others know how you feel. Are you planning to continue with your boyfriend? Maybe unloading him too might help with your process. Good luck,

    1. Yeah. I left him as he cheated on me over a pub waitress. I know I don’t deserve it and he doesn’t deserve me too. Thank you so much and I do hope everything’s fine with you Joe.

    1. Hi Logan787. I am okay and doing good as I tried to make things right in my life. I broke up with him as he cheated on me over a waitress pub. I am an Education graduate and I have a decent job so I know I do not deserve what he has done. I hope all is well with you.

      1. Hey G
        I’m sorry to hear about how your boyfriend did you. Have you found anyone else? Kinda sucks being alone during the holidays. Hope you are in good cheer. Let me know how you are. You are in my prayers.

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