why am I so dumb

Why is it that I always fall for the losers the ones who always break my heart an could look right in my eyes and lie to me. The type who screw me over every time. But when the sweet guys come around I screw that up because I think it’s impossible for someone to actually love me and care about me. So I go back to the liars and cheaters because I guess I’m just so used to it.

4 thoughts on “why am I so dumb

  1. I think you seek men who are emotionally unavailable because you yourself are not emotionally available for a committed relationship. Therefore you seek “losers” because some part of you knows it’ll never work out.

  2. You like the abuse. You feel bad about yourself so you take it out on yourself by being with the wrong person for you.
    Advise? Get help. You need to find your own selfworth. Then and only then you will be able to understand being in a relationship and what you need and want out of the relationship.

  3. Dear Why,

    You are not dumb but you may be making choices that are not the wisest. In the game of love, there are no guarantees and the world is unfortunately full of losers. You don’t attract them – they simpy exist. Accept that and stop beating yourself up. May I suggest that you take a break from dating and some time to learn to appreciate yourself. Therapy and lots of reading of relationship books and articles will likely help you make better choices in the future.
    Take good care and stop beating up on yourself – you deserve better.

  4. It sounds like you already have your answer. Trying to listen to your instincts in during these situations. My guess is that know a lie when you’re hearing one and the trick is to LOVE yourself enough to say “I deserve better.” This is hard to learn how to do but just practice. Try some to reiterate to yourself that you are worth loving. Keep a note somewhere private but where you can see it daily. Take your time each time you see it and say the words with meaning and feeling behind it. Best of Luck.

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