The Best Things in Life are Free

I was afraid to step out of line in any way for 27 years. Was the epitome of “goodie two shoes” until 2 weeks ago, when I lost my head unexpectedly and started stealing everything in sight. Since that day, I’ve accumulated $1600 worth of stolen clothes and makeup, and it’s been such a rush.

3 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life are Free

  1. You are a thief, and there are few things worse than a thief. That’s why Dante put them in the eighth circle of Hell…almost at the bottom. Stop what you are doing. If you can’t stop on your own, get help. Find another way to get that “rush”. A way that doesn’t hurt other people.

    And if you are stealing from stores and rationalize your behavior by telling yourself that “they won’t miss it” or you’re “sticking it to the big corporations”…you’re wrong. Those companies don’t eat those losses. They pass them on to the consumer. The only ones paying for your crimes are the rest of us, in the form of higher prices. So, frankly…f.u. for that.

    1. You will be caught. Boy, are you going to be in trouble. Cut your losses and stop that madness. Consider therapy.

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