Sexual Assault

I was sexually assaulted by my best friend a year ago. He told me it was because he loved me. I’m too lazy to consider it sexual assault so I just say I was raped. Now I can’t even hear thr word rape while watching my favourite crime shows without immediately going into a flashback. My friends tend to make rape jokes and I pretend it’s ok but I’m dying inside. I can’t even tell my current boyfriend because I don’t want to worry him.

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  1. I won’t sugar coat this, but if you want to be true to yourself admit the truth inside yourself. Empower yourself and face the situation your mental state is in. Is he still your friend? If he is you need to confront him about how you truly feel. A good place to start also would be to go to see a professional. I am guilty of many things against woman. I’m a monster inside and I’m paying the price every day inside myself and out. If I was not in the process I am in I would of taken myself out of the gene pool.

    Think about it and do what’s best for you. To heal you will need help. When your friends make jokes about rape tell them you do not appreciate those kind of jokes on any level.


  2. Omg that sounds horrible. I was sexually treated by my uncle. He tried to have sex with me a lot and to this day I’m am too scared to go around him and to even be in the same room alone with him.

  3. I am sorry that happened to you. I was in a situation like that a few years ago and was absolutely broken over it. I am finally in therapy trying to deal with it. I hope you find a way to help yourself heal.

  4. Hey, I’ve been there. It’s okay. It’s extremely tough to go through this alone. If you can, find someone to talk to. It might seem weird, but you can call helplines that will listen and counsel you if you need it. If nothing else know that I’m rooting for you.

  5. I’m sorry this happened to you and I’m sorry your feeling this way, I am dealing with my own previous sexual assaults you can talk to me anytime via email or instagram

  6. I truly hope you seek help with this grievance. If not it’ll only boil & perhaps you’ll start to blame yourself for sickening pleasure of another.

  7. Is it too late to go to the police? That f*** that raped you needs to be punished. I am also a rape survivor and cringe when a television show is about rape. Rape is no joke, and you need to begin your healing as soon as possible. My suggestion is for you to find a good (female) therapist whom you can speak openly to about your trauma. The feelings will not go away. It will get worse as long as you do not address what happened. This is NOT your fault. Rape is a CRIME. That scumbag who hurt you needs to go to jail! When I was raped, I went straight to the hospital and the special victims cops came and spoke with me. Eventually, I was able to choose the bastard in a “line up” where about 5 guys stand there, cannot see you through the glass, and you pick out the fucker who raped you. Justice was served after I was assaulted, and I want the same for you. You’ll be able to sleep better at night. You may have acquired ptsd from this terrible incident, and you may have to see a psychiatrist. I do (and I go to therapy regularly..) We live in a victim blaming society. You did nothing wrong. Usually, rapists rape again. They are predators. You may save the next woman from being assaulted if you turn this bastard in. (OR have some dangerous people you may know kick the shit out of him; that’s option B..) I see nothing wrong with that either. Maybe have them write “rapist” in black permanent marker on his forehead or something like that! If your friends make rape jokes, then you should really look twice about who your hanging out with. They sound like misogynistic, insensitive people!! Just know that someone out here is concerned about your well being..No one deserves to be raped, and men often cover for each other in our patriarchal society.. keep fighting back! I send you much love and healing:)

  8. Dear Friend,
    Get rid of your friend – no friend would disrespect you so. If you don’t feel comfortable telling your mate, that’s okay for now. But for yourself, get into therapy so that you can heal from this awful experience. Hope that things improve for you as time passes

  9. Rape and sexual assault are the same thing. What he did to you was wrong. You were violated. I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago by a “good friend” he tried to say he was in love with me. Eventually I told the police and he’s now a registered sex offender. Please I urge you to seek counseling. It’s really helped me. My heart goes out to you. ♥

    1. You can say that rape is a sexual assault but not that rape and sexual assault are the same; as they are different. However I do agree with you that she needs to report this and go to the police.

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