Searching for the best way to End It.

My search for ”the best way” brought me to your page. I confess I am looking for the perfect way to end my life at 50.

Sure, there are lots of ways of doing it, but I have to think about the mess someone has to clean up, hurting someone else “while” doing it isn’t who I am. I can’t trash the car, the family needs it. I can’t do a hot bath in a hotel, some poor minimum wage women will find that sight in the morning. I just can’t inflict that on someone. Finding ”the body” has to be given thought and care. I don’t care what condition I am in when found. I just don’t want to cause some stranger pain. They have their own problems.

There has to be a way that will work, I can do without a doctor and won’t screw things up for others! There has to be a way that ”works for everyone”, so to speak!!
Now I know that sounds clinical, but that is how I look at it. I have been brought up to a life of servitude. Care for others before myself. I have no value, everyone else comes first……. blah blah blah….
So, in ending it, I will be the same.
My life is nothing and I am just a spot on the planet. Not a very important spot either.

It will happen, I just need to find the perfect way to do it, so I don’t damage someone in the process. After I am gone, my ”family” will heal. Sure, they will ask if they caused it, for about 5 seconds.

I have poured my heart and soul into my family for so long and they barely know I’m alive now. So it won’t be a problem when I’m gone. My birth son got married to a girl who hates us and won’t come to our home so she can have my son to herself. We used to be very close and open speaking with each other. Now, my son won\’t come over either. Doesn’t call, I never see him or talk to him.

My husband is a verbally and emotionally abusive bully who I think has severe problems. We were getting along so well, and once he realized it, he picked a fight and called me all those horrible names again and now I sleep on the couch just to have some peace. I went from a brutal and abusive childhood to my first shitty marriage and a second shitty marriage.

I was treated like shit as a kid, in 2 marriages and now. It doesn’t take a brick dropped on my head to figure out that this is what I deserve and it just won’t ever get better. EVER!

The kids are grown now and proven they don’t need me anymore and I just want out. Bills, fights, disappointment, no love, loneliness, being fat and ugly that my husband doesn’t touch me anymore and he just lost his job AGAIN!! I just want out.
I just hate myself and what I have become. I can’t stand ME or my life anymore. I can’t take it anymore! That’s all.

I am a very task oriented individual and will take this new task on in the same manner. I was taught at an early age to do everything the RIGHT way. so, this will be the right way too! Make it the best, make it work; make it something you can be proud of.
So when you hear of middle aged women in the suburbs of Chicago being found somewhere…. It’s probably me, finally!!

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  1. God loves you, when times are tuff turn to him because he understands and care.. Dont kill your self bcuz your soul will be lost.. God is a loving God, no matter what you are going through turn to him bcuz he is our Father and understands our pain… Please sweet heart seek consoling and attend a church, have them practice bible study with you.. God is love and you are his child.. If others around you dont appreciate you dont pay that no mind because they are human and ungrateFul, God appreciate and loves you inside out no matter what you are his child. Don’t give up on life. There’s hope. Exercise, eat healthy and things will be alot better.. God is good. God bless you my sister I love you

    1. person u do not know what this woman or I am living through u think u have all the answers. u are full of it.have u seen god .if he loves us why are we in this nightmare.i’ll bet u don’t have this going on in your life.i said a lot of this stuff when I was younger and I know now I was full of it.u might or not find out one day.but if u do u will feel like a fool but that will be the least of ur problems.i wish I could use the words I feel but that would not help just give u a reason to discount me.happy trails to u

      1. I can fully understand why someone would end their life. I have been considering it for a few months. I am in my mid 70’s with multiple health issues. Some keep me in constant pain. I have no close family and our friends abandoned me after my wife died last spring. I have absolutely no reason to go on living. My plan is to put a gun barrel in my mouth and pull the trigger before Valentine’s day. I am making plans for my own cremation and my ashes will be buried near my wife..

  2. I am in my 30s and have seen horror found in most Stephen King novels. My body is so full of scars and my heart is just as bad.. I’ve been cutting myself since I was a teenager. But that doesn’t work for me anymore.. It doesn’t give the release of pressure anymore. No one cares. No one is there. I mean nothing to every person I know.. My body is falling apart anyway.. Needing knee surgery and hip surgery can’t breathe when I sleep. So I’m just done. I want out too

  3. i am 15 and i don’t want the world to be against me anymore today i have seriously considered getting out some say Ive got my whole life ahead of me but i mean damn what am i supposed to do when no one treats me human anymore im just some toy they can all play with well im thru being a rag doll you can throw around call a monster psychotic dirt im thru no more if only- if only the wood ****** cries the bark on the trees are as soft as the sky’s my parents tell me i dont love them when i go every waking moment worrying about the next time ill see them or if ill ever see them agian thru some one help

  4. I’ve thought long and hard about why I feel that I don’t want to be here anymore. Is it because every time I try to improve my life or take on a new challenge? Is it because once I’m gone, within a few years, it will be like I never ever existed? No, although all of these reasons are valid, the main reason I want to end everything (my life) is because I just hate myself. I am the worst person I know. I’m like a ghost in societies window, just a shadow. I just don’t matter. I am married and have been for 30 years and my wife loves me, but our relationship is in a sort of stalled crisis. Neither one of us wants to admit it or talk about it….that would be just too painful for us both. If I go, my wife will grieve and ask herself ‘why I would leave her’, but she will move on, and her life will be better for it, I’m sure. My family? Yes, they will feel it, but as I haven’t been physically part of their lives since I left home at 18 (35 years ago), it won’t alter their lives at all.

    That’s just it, me going will not alter anyone’s life at all, just like being here doesn’t. No different.

  5. Im going through im a guy in my 20s I got a 6month old and now the partner is pregnant again she is also a emotional bully wont let my family see the child we have alredy and she wont abort this one iver she makes my life hell I never have my time I dont know who I a anymore she constantly says very horrible and abusive things and if I end it with her shes alredy sed she wont let me see the kids I been through so much in life I just want to die or runaway forever help me someone

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