I’m fifteen, and I have weight loss pills.
Before, I got them because I wanted to
return to my underweight happy-self. However,
I couldn’t do it. So I change my priorities.
Now I don’t necessarily take them to lose
weight, but hopefully that overdosing on them
will ruin my insides so much, that it might
lead to the end of me..

4 thoughts on “Pills

  1. Love, if your identity is that you are just a number on a scale, then that’s what you will be. Give yourself a new identity…anything you want! Then behave accordingly and your feelings will soon line up! Don’t behave according to your feelings because then you and your circumstance and outlook on life will NEVER change. BUT, change your behavior and when your feelings follow, you’ll be free! You won’t have to live as a slave to your emotions, my dear.

  2. Soon, you will change the world of just one person… and that person will mean the world to you too.

    Make sure you’re there to change their world :)

    Get rid of those pills ok?

  3. You are beautiful and strong ,and life has so much more in store for you my dear, so many more milestones and beautiful memories to make. Please get rid of the pills xx

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