When someone dies, I don’t feel sad. When I think about my parents dying, I don’t want to cry. I steel things without feeling guilt. I’ve smoked and wasn’t scared. I want to kill people so I can just, FEEL, the movements,the relief, the… happiness. I lie without the fear of consequences. I have no remorse. I have no love. I do however have irrational … Continue reading emotionless


For years Ive felt nothing. No emotion. No sympathy, no “true” love. I’m cold, dark and empty inside. I like it this way. I started reading anonymous confession post out of boredom. An interesting look into the lives of the hopeless, the desperate and wicked. Amusing really. But lately Ive notice a change in my mentality. I now feel the sympathy and compassion that is … Continue reading changing

teen mom

I’m a teen mom. I was 19 when i had my first child and now (6 months later) i’m pregnant again. It’s is hard to do but people don’t see it. I always tell them i’m doing fine, but inside it hurts. And i do know it is my own fault, but still.. I love my daughter to death but i don’t know how I … Continue reading teen mom