No, my cat did not scratch me.

Okay you caught me.
The little red marks on my arms weren’t from my cat. I don’t have a cat. The reason they’re there is because I knew you would notice them and maybe JUST MAYBE it would tip you off, that you’re killing me. Well it didn’t.

You need to open your eyes

4 thoughts on “No, my cat did not scratch me.

  1. ok first of all if you’re gonna cut yourself for someone else thats really stupid…people who are so numb that they just wanna feel something cut. If the only reason you did it is so someone else would see it & feel bad then im sorry but you’re kind of pathetic

  2. Sorry to be so harsh but you need to open your eyes. Harming yourself to control the actions/passions/emotions of another person is a way for you to enslave them. If you are not finding happiness with this person then move on. Easier said than done, I know. Trust, I know!

    Only know what will makes you happy and what will make you sad. The trick is to figure out when YOU are making yourself unhappy by chasing what will never be. YOU can take responsibility for yourself and leave saddness to find TRUE happiness.

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