My curiosity might kill me

Sometimes I want to cut big gashes on my body, today it was my face, just to see what my friends and family would do. I never do it but I just wonder what their reactions would be and how life would be afterwards. Maybe nothing would change, maybe something would change, at least it would be different.

3 thoughts on “My curiosity might kill me

  1. I’m secretly a ” passionate socio “, which means i give a damn”amour” about people not buying my shit. I really fantasize about cutting off my hair and piercing through things with needles, but the occasional obsessive gash thought happens when I feel alcoved and alone. It bribes my inner human to lunch to life. I would 1) accept that God made you passionate 2) realize that you are actually in immense control (imagine if you ever ACTED on it! Oh the tingles) and 3) you’re totally human, which means it would sting to high heaven and more… externally mark you with a visible identifier of “crazy.” It is better to just secretly look at the entertaining thoughts than it is to go full gypsy these days.

  2. Please stop harming yourself. Call your doctor today and discuss it in detail with him or her. Then get into therapy and start healing yourself. You’re going to figure this out and in time, you shall be all right. Take care now and let us know how you’re doing.

  3. My ex-friend was the same way, except he’d actually do it. He’d text me and his now ex-girlfriend (my best friend) about it and we’d of course shit our brains out in fear. He’s in neither in our lives anymore because the relationship was toxic, but I do still worry about him. It’s good you’re able to control yourself and not do it, but try and figure out why you want to know their reaction in the first place. Do you worry that they don’t care for you? Or is it more of a lack of self awarness and/or deadly boredom? Everyone’s gonna have someone who cares for them, and having them have to go through seeing you with gashes in your skin would take them through hell. And if you’re so unbelievably unamused that you think about cuting yourself for the heck of it, you should spend time with the people who care to entertain yourself more. Maybe there’s other reasons, cause I’m obviously not a physiatrist, but you should still try and find out the root of the issue.

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