I’ve been struggling with a big depression for a while now and I just want people to know. But I’ll never tell anyone unless I really have too. I’ve been drunk most days the last few weeks including today. I’m just so lonely and I really want someone to notice that I’m not doing great and to spend time with me, but nobody ever does.

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  1. Hi, I think we all have downs as part of our natural cycle but you seem far beyond that.

    No idea where you are but you should call a hotline or speak to someone who can help you, your doctor will be able to point you in the right direction.

  2. I understand the depression and loneliness. Working with someone through the issues now will help you later. Talking to a friend is sometimes a mistake if you cannot trust them. Seek a professional counselor or a person in a religious position that will help for free.

  3. hey. idk u but heres some advice. probably bad advice bc ive never done this confessions thing before but whatever. everyone feels alone at some point in their life and definitely me at some point too. life is too short to not live it. live life as crazy as u want to bc we’re all only here once. thats right only once !! we have absolute freedom to do anything. literally anything we want. find music to listen to that makes u feel great. talk to someone new. fall in love with a new show. read a book and maybe find love for reading. idk. but the point is. there is sooo much to do in this dangerous, insane, terrifying, beautiful world we live in. do everything u would do in ur wildest dreams if u really want to. no one can stop u from living ur life

  4. Alot of times people are caught up in their own turmoil to notice anyone elses. Dont wait around for someone to notice. Your the only one who can change this. Nobody can “save” you regardless of how much you want to talk. there is light at the end of the tunnel Love. Try to get into counseling or just calling a hotline. Please. For your own good.

  5. Dear Friend,
    Others notice, that you can be sure of but you may be putting out “don’t bother me” signals, and so they don’t. Your situation sounds difficult but sometimes we must put ourselves out there to get notice, befriend others, get and give empathy. Try to make yourself perhaps be a bit more social. Things will then likely change for you. Good luck and therapy might also help with this.

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