7 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. I honestly only have about 3 real life friends. Rest are on tge interet plus a addictive long distance relationship. Try it sometimes. Really could find someone with your interests

  2. Dear Friend,
    Feeling lonely is something that almost everyone feels at some point in their lives. Please don’t end your life for this or any other reason. Instead, seek counseling and learn ways to cope and improve your life. Maybe allowing yourself to start a relationship will help or joining clubs where you can meet new friends? Good luck and take care. Please also let us know how you’re doing.

  3. Life is something special. You just gotta to make it that way. Your life is in your control. I believe there’s always something that you can do that brings you joy. You will find it. Trust it.

  4. loneliness is a hard feeling to cary around but killing yurself wont make dissapear you loneliness because in the end youll die alone but if you can find one thing that will make you forget about your own loneliness catch it end never let go you should just start searching that thing and if you ever tought you will never find the thing just look up the sky im sure there will be something or someone that will make you forget about your loneliness end remember the world is small and above it there is an eternell galaxy and today too stars shine brightly even the ones who is lost thats what i do when i feel i guess

  5. Alot of people feel this way especially during the holidays. I know I felt that way when I was your age. You have to get more active and find some fun things to do. Be the change find things to do and just go. I wish you were.

    1. I am feeling the same way that your feeling and I’m only 25. Its very difficult but overcoming it will make us way much stronger as person and will be able to save someone’s life experiencing what we have. Don’t give up

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