Life sucks

I am a 18 year old boy I live in a shitty rural city in Kentucky. I am over weight, a asshole, and most importantly useless. I know for a fact that my life will not be what I want it to be. I will probably be dead by age 25. The only reason I don’t kill my self is because I don’t want the burden on my family. I have no friends and all I do is stay in my room and hope that someone acknowledges my existence. At this point in my life iv given up complete hope.

9 thoughts on “Life sucks

  1. life can change in a heart beat you just need to get out and try new things, really try it, because you don’t lose anything, take a risk.

  2. Nutrition effects mood and exercise, quit the processed foods and just start slow, long walks and work your way back to health you’ll see your whole frame of mind and mood change take of you, your worth it. Nobody’s here for no reason or else why do any of us even bother to try anything if it’s for nothing? You’ll get your passion for life back but you gotta get outta the rut, one change at a time…

  3. don’t give up the gym is a good place to start your 18 you can melt the fat away and build muscle cant go to a gym no problem there are a 1000 exercises you can do outside the gym get your self a girl or a guy both have sex once you get good at it you will look at life for the good and not the bad

  4. I will not tell you to “hang in there” because that sounds like waiting for it to be over. Go explore the world or something – or just go to the gym, it’s a good place to clear your mind.
    I don’t do much currently with my life atm but I now I am doing intermittent fasting and I go to the gym, that makes me feel good. Hope you’ll find something you enjoy, or maybe try what I’m doing :)

    1. Hey ik what your going through I self harm. Ik exactly what your going through but remember that God is with you and people actually love you

  5. Kentucky guy,
    How do you know that your life is not what it turns out to be after all? Sounds pretty cliche, but you’re no time traveler.
    If you really have lost hope, why come to this site where people can share their hopes to you?
    It means you’ve not completely given up yet. Just as you should be with your life. You should do everything you can to live up to your dreams, no matter how far they are, since you’re the only one hindering yourself from reaching them. Don’t stop at nothing to get what you want. Find the strength to be better than the guy you were yesterday, and find the right assholes of friends that accept your assholeness. Go make memories. End the fact the you can’t accept yourself because I know you’re still trying to. You shouldn’t burden yourself by the thought that you’re still a heavy load to carry.

  6. Yeah it does suck… at times but it will get better. You’re so young – you have your whole life ahead of you and things will prob. turn around.

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