Just diagnosed with MS

About a few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with MS. Since then, I have been reaching out to my family and even an ex for support. I feel alone, but I am trying my hardest to keep it together and not give up. I am yearning to have someone by my side every single day. I feel jealous of the ones battling this disease who have someone to share their life with.

3 thoughts on “Just diagnosed with MS

  1. I know this is only online you can share your life with me it is a cruel sad joke in life when no one is there for you ! I have been there I am dying and I keep it to myself as I know very little will care . You have my heart and can contact me anytime you feel down and alone I promise you ill be there for you for as long as I can . I assure this is no joke or prank you have touched me dearly

  2. Ohh :-[ Sorry. I will tell you my belief though – trying to find someone to be there for you is very hard. You might just give up on looking, but I will tell you right now, there IS someone. One person can simply change one’s life.

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