jealous of you

You know why I’m jealous of you? You were able to kill yourself. At your memorial there were hundreds if not thousands of people.

You were able to get out. And I wasn’t. I’m stuck here surrounded by people who act like they care but hate me in secret.

This is no way to live

4 thoughts on “jealous of you

  1. I know it doesnt help, believe me but I honestly believe that there is always one person in everyone’s life that when needed are their rock. I have mine, they don’t understand how you feel but he makes me smile when all I want to do is cry.

  2. I envy those who no longer have to deal with anything of this world anymore as well.

    But I am learning that those who commit suicide tend to take all the anguish with them so it would be ironic to kill oneself and then have to deal with the same shit for eternity or whatever for a now indefinite amount of time.

    Whats more you would have to carry the pain of others along with your after suicide.

    Can’t win.

  3. I’m sorry to read that. I feel similarly sometimes. Maybe all we need is positive attention from someone who gives a f***. That’d be a good start…

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