I’m completely alone

My perfect family is falling apart, and all my high school friends are now so far away and college is NOT what I expected it to be. I have no friends. Nobody to love me and I think I’m losing it.

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  1. I felt that way at your age. I got involved with a charity that helped homeless people. It made me feel much better to be helping someone and made me realize how blessed I was. I also made some great friends. Your college probably has a list of volunteer opportunities you can take advantage of. Helping is the best way of healing.

  2. I have sympathy for you, but I can’t think of any words of comfort right now. For that, I apologise.

    I shall offer you some advice, while bearing in mind that I have no idea about your situation and I think I have identified that you need/want (it really is a human need) friends.

    Join the clubs, if you can. Join common interest groups that people do just for fun.

    It’s especially good if you can join gaming groups, like board games or role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons (although some people prefer other brands) or even Magic: the Gathering.

    I know that can sound nerdy and unappealing, but these things are designed and (for the most part) played with one goal: to have fun with other irl people.

    I didn’t start playing Magic or D&D until university, and I played with perfect strangers. Now my closest friends are all people I met doing those nerdy things. I am a woman, and there are many women who play D&D (I imagine that I am speaking to a woman seeking female friendships; I can assure you that there are also many men who play D&D as well as many genderqueer people, and we are all happy to have friends of any gender)).

    I apologise for proselytizing you about nerdy pursuits. Those things may be unappealing to you. But really, try anything. A pottery class, an actors workshop, a steampunk group, a rock climbing club. Try anything that will force you to interact with people. Just repeated contact with the same people will force you to find common interests, and therefore friends.

    It can be difficult. And this isn’t really an answer to your current distress. But I hope it will help.

  3. i am in the same boat, family drifting away, i only talk to one girl from school and secretly trying to find a way out of this third year of college life sucks right now

  4. hello … I really wish u pull urseslf together and let some space between what’s tormenting u and the reason why it’s happening.. if u really want to solve a problem u have to focus on what u can do to make it better And not on why that problem occurred. about the college, dear not all of us got what we wanted college to be for us. but as it has happened u can’t really kill urseslf over it..try and adjust and smile to someone for all u know u might get a better friend… hook up with ur old friends of u want to (I hope u know the means to do that like thru’ social media).if u are really far from them ..And ur family…pls there is no perfect Fam we all trying to make it better.. do the best u can to treat them nicely even if they treat u not so well..try to reason with them by letting them know what u think.. get them to remember the love u guys once shared.. let them know how it disturbs u..( pls approach it in a humble n loving manner especially when they are in good mood.) if it doesn’t work out pls inform someone they all respect so he talks to them about if ..do well to pray to God abt it well..he will answer.. Thank u..

  5. i’m in the same boat. Trust yourself because that’s the most important thing to do. be strong. and remember that everything happens for a reason. I know you feel lost and you feel like you’re getting left behind but you aren’t.

  6. I’m really sorry you feel this way :(. Remember that you’re not truly alone throughout all of this. There are others who feel exactly the way that you feel and are looking for friends. I really hope that life starts to look up for you. Maybe you could try finding some online friends? There are tons of internet forums to make friends on. Good luck, F. I’ll be rooting for you.

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