I want to hurt people/myself when I’m too happy

Whenever I get overly excited about something, like overreacting, I tend to want to just cut myself, stab myself or someone else. I’ve choked people before out of happiness, but I was younger, about 10 years old. I really just want to stab people when I’m happy, or even when I’m not. Sometimes, when I’m feeling too numb to the world, I feel like cutting myself or hurting myself in any way, not in a suicidal way, just because I actually like it. For an example when I smoke I want to burn myself with the cigarette, or when I see a beautiful knife on a store I imagine how it must be good to feel going inside the skin of someone or my own.

2 thoughts on “I want to hurt people/myself when I’m too happy

  1. Your thoughts are troubling. Please speak to a psychiatrist about this and detail your thoughts and hoped for actions. Wanting to harm yourself and others may be a sign of psychosis. Take care now.

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