I lie to myself

I don’t believe you love me when you tell me and I don’t believe you even care about me. I think you have another girlfriend somewhere else and you are cheating on me. I think you lie to me constantly and you are a fake. It makes me cringe when I look at you because I know that you are up to NO good. However, I still wash your clothes and fix your dinner, make you feel like your number one. I lie to myself…

3 thoughts on “I lie to myself

  1. Sweetie I feel your pain. I regret my whole life. I find myself instead of thinking of what I want, what will make him happy and perhaps marry me. I have no dreams of my own other than being a in a loving marriage with kids which aren’t his dreams.

  2. Oh babygirl, I’ve been right where you are, I spent 17years exactly there… Baby you are worthy of so much more…. He doesnt deserve you, Your lost, the you that loves you is hiding behind a mask, a mask of denile. You are a strong wonderful peron, trust me,.. dont waste one more minute on someone that isnt worthy of you. Stop Lieing and start running!!!

  3. i am so sorry … i completely understand!!! i don’t know how much this helps.. but, I’m here..understanding… feeling your pain:)

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