Getting out of all my relationships

I’m 24 and i’ve been with my girlfriend for 6 years now. We fight all the time about money, marriage…the future etc. I can’t even stand being with her, its so awkward most of the time and we barely make love anymore. I watch a lot of porn and play video games to ease my stress. We don’t live together and she just quit college because she didn’t want to take her program anymore so now she is in major debt now working a minimum pay job while im working hard making stable money for the future. All she does is want to move forward when im telling her were not ready and she just wants to get married and have a house asap. I know she is not in it for the money and she is marriage material but its not the type of life i want to live right now. I’ve also got so many problems right now with my family at home. I don’t even say hi to my mom, dad, sisters just because they made it hard for me to live there. Parents pushed me through school and I finished college just to get them off my back. They always complain about me being a mess at home and I dont even have my own room for privacy I just live in the main floor with a room divider so that people walk in and out of just to get to the laundry/exit the house. I want to get out of this life and live alone……

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  1. Break up with her. She may not be after the money as you said, but she’s after someone to look for her since she can’t now. She’s a sucker, you are better alone.

  2. It sounds like you are morally, physically, mentally, and emotionally weak. You’re getting pushed around by this girlfriend you don’t enjoy spending time with, you are messy, undisciplined, you have a job at least but I’m guessing it’s nothing that fun or glamorous. And you still live at home! Get out. Have you thought of joining the military? With the right mind-set, a strong conviction and a hefty pain tolerance you could be a terrorist-pwning badass who (among other things) does not live in his parents’ living room playing video games all the time and who makes all the pretty girls’ hearts race when someone introduces you at all of the parties you will inevitably be invited to.

    Just sayin’, be brave and the universe finds ways to reward you.

  3. I’m with you, dump the gal, save up and move out. She quit school – has the debt (not responsible). more focused on the wedding than the marriage…Not the kind of partner you need.

  4. I know this situation! She is suffering “BURN OUT”! She needs professional counseling! Even if you no longer love her, you have a DUTY as the MAN in her world, to help her recover!!!

    After her healing, you can both analyze what you will want in the future! But, at the very least, you will look back and feel that you did make the attempt to BE A MAN for a woman to depend on! That is how we live with ourselves.

  5. i agree, lol. You need to move away and be away from her and your family, be on your own for while…fly solo…thats when you’ll know what you heart wants, it may not be right away but you’ll know. Good luck darling and trust me you are not alone….im on your boat..kinda! tc

  6. i think you should leave, move to a place you wanted to go and start fresh. have a decent job and start thinking and breathing for yourself

  7. This situation is easily fixed. If you want some space tell your girl. It is very common knowledge that a mans worth is directly related to his accomplishments and how well he can provide for a family it’s just in your DNA :)

    As for your GF insisting that you must do this and you must do that, well she needs a reality check!! While I don’t want to make my 2 cents about me, but from personal experience I cannot force any man to do anything, I can only love/support/ackonwlegde him, and when I do that for some one from a postive place it always works out well.
    Moving forward… Work on yourself 1st, forgive yourself and learn from the past.. Whats that saying, the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. Remember you have no control over how other people are going to act/react to anything, you only have control over your actions and emotions.
    You do need to get out of that house and have some privicy and time to yourself. I couldn’t imagin not having a privite place for my self to relax. Maybe find a reliable roomate to help with the rent.

    Good luck young man! And it will get better

  8. You are way too immature to get married and so is your girlfriend. If you marry now you’ll end up divorced. If you really went to college you should know this. Divorce statistics drop when people wait to marry until age 28 or 29. Most men should not marry until age 30. Sow your wild oats. Have lots of wild sex with many women before you get married. You have the rest of your life to be married and bore your spouse to death. ha ha

  9. You’re a young person with your whole life in front of you. Why waste it in a fruitless relationship? Get therapy for yourself to determine your best course of action. If this relationship is killing your spirit and making you feel bad a lot of the time, it might be time to ditch it and be alone until you find out what you want and need. Moving on might be painful but it sounds like your best choice right now. You can do it. Take steps to better your life today.

  10. You may not be aware that friendships take maintenance. Otherwise, even some of the strongest bonds can be broken. If you can, try to get into therapy and find out why you fail to do your part to maintain your friendships. Since you don’t want to be alone, try being a friend to someone. Take care of yourself and get going now.

  11. You should take small steps to bettering your life. Save up for a cheap apartment. Once you get out of the bad home situation you might want to start considering if you really want to continue being with your girlfriend. Maybe you just need to have a nice, long, calm talk about your current situation with her and let her know exactly how you feel. Let her know that you feel like she’s not doing all that she can in life. Significant others are there to push each other to their full potential. You’re not helping her by trying to spare her feelings and not bring it up. Just be kind about it. She’ll appreciate it in the long run.

  12. only you can make the call on the girlfriend…..she is doing what she is driven to do = make a will be kids,no doubt.i would give her the wakeup call and tell her how miserable you are and you need some time apart and be willing to pull the trigger.your too young to be miserable. try to get a place on your own. with the housing market the way it is,,if you have a steady job,you qualify. my first place was a 14×74′ mobile home with a big shed(full of motorcycles) and i LOVED it.

  13. Sweetheart. My heart goes out to you. I’m a mom and I found this posting. You already are alone. Even though you’re around all of these people you feel alone. Am I right? And you say you want to be more alone but secretly you know that will make it worse and you’ll be sadder. The girlfriend thing is a big deal. Look, this is your life. My husband and I broke up for a while when we were dating because he wasn’t ready. I said, okay. come back when you are ready. i can’t promise i’ll still be available but who wants to marry someone who doesn’t want to marry them, full force? right? You have to get through the pain you’re going to feel. Being in a bad relationship is like being addicted to a really bad, f*****-up drug. You feel like you can’t get out of it. It all comes down to – do you want pain now or later? If you let go now you’ll feel awful for a while and it will really hurt badly but it will pass. If you give in and get married you’ll live a long life with dull pain – which is worse? As with your family. They love you. They don’t know how to approach you. They actually are quite worried about you. It comes across as anger but its not really. its saddness. they are sad that you are so upset. Anyways. Love and light to you. Enough now.

    1. This person is so right, listen to her! You have to get out now! You don’t want to wait until there’s children involved, that will make it much harder on everyone. Take it from me, my parents have been separated for years even though they are still married. He lives by himself, he financially supports her and still has hopes of them getting back together, and she has made up her mind and says it’s over, but she’s with him still because she’s financially insecure. It’s a sad, sad situation and it affects me everyday to see them this way. Do you want this to be you life down the road? Please spare yourself, and everyone that might be involved now or later.

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