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I have always felt empty. i wish i could be “normal” enough for a man to love…i long to have a family of my own…i feel somehow that this will never happen. i will die old and alone…although i am still young, guys tend to use and abuse…i guess i’ll spend the rest of my days living in the art i never make, the music i’ll never write and songs i’ll never sing.

this void i’ve had for many years. the more the years go on the bigger the whole becomes. i swear i can feel the emptiness right in the pit of my stomach.

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  1. Thank all three of you…Ive been Doing more art lately and keeping my distance from unnecessary people…and have not been so…lonely…there are times…but then i pull out my sketch pad or open my little studio on my computer and compile my life…slowly getting better…hasn’t even been a month…but like you said Utopia…life is what you make it..nothing less and nothing more…sure is a hard lesson to learn…it’s all in the attitude^_^

  2. Sounds like you are counting on someone else to make you happy. Go out there and do what makes you happy – write those songs, be an artist – read a book, take a walk – but ultimately do what makes you happy and I do believe the rest will follow.

  3. Red, out of all the single guys you know, consider which one would be the best for you. Now rope him in!

    I’m a man, so I know this for a fact: about 90% of guys who are single don’t want to be. This means that 90% of those single guys you know would consider getting into a relationship with you.

    The old adage, “You need to love yourself first before others will love you” holds true as well. I know this for a fact because I have this issue.

    Even though I’m a guy, my hair is probably longer then yours. (Getting a haircut is a phobia of mine.) Anyway, I know that it’s not attractive for a guy to have longer hair then a girl so it hinders me when considering dating.

    However, I’ve come to accept my situation, so until I personally accept my hair, or get it cut, I’ll be alone as well. But there is light at the end of the tunnel for both of us, and we will personally choose when we will go towards it!

    Also, make that art and write those songs! If you write down some lyrics or record, tell me! I wanna here! Maybe we can come up with a song together :-)

  4. u are not alone. i am one too. there a many more just like us. the emptyness is desire. the sadness is ambition to reach life’s highest levels. stay the course; don;t give up on yourself; you will find one.

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