Always alone

I have always been an introvert, always which has made meeting “someone” difficult…in fact most of my friendships/relationships have been online…but I often feel like I will be alone forever. I often feel that as a woman at 24 years old my biological clock is ticking away quickly, so I feel all this extra pressure to find “the one” I want to start a family with, soon or I will run out of time…

4 thoughts on “Always alone

  1. 24 really isn’t that old – there’s still time. It’s hard being an introvert – believe me, I know. I make friends when I get “adopted” by an extrovert. I’m close to 40, and have, like, two friends.

    On the bright side, being an introvert, you’ve had a lot of time to think and develop your personality and interests. If you can find someone who’s willing to really talk to you, you have a good chance. Good luck!

  2. Not sure if my comment means much as a man, but if you seek companionship out of social pressure, the only thing you’ll get is more misery. I don’t know how you can overcome it, but falling to the pressure is usually, in my experience, the greatest of the evils. If you realize that, you may be able to find how to solve your situation.

  3. Okay, just keep your thoughts in mind. The reality however may be that your have many, many more years that you can successfully procreate and have a family. Try not to rush your life. Therapy would likely help you to gain better perspective on things. Please consider it.

  4. I’m always Alone too Im also an introvert but that isn’t bad I’d rather see rain than sun but that doesn’t happen and that doesn’t change my mood. I’m 28 I know I may always be alone 3 relationships where I devoted my all, my worth, and my resolve will never falter. You have to stay determined. We are both too young so don’t rush…

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