This really isn’t that big of a secret. I want to fly to the opposite side of the country to meet a guy that might be interested in me, just so I can have feel the touch of another human being again. I don’t care if he is a psychopathic killer. At least he will touch me

8 thoughts on “Alone

  1. “keeping it real”
    your a complete idiot.and cruel .
    there is not any need for what you just said. and i feel sorry for you want some attention . and its pretty sad the way you tried to get it.

    she feels alone.
    there are 6billion people on the planet.

    you will find someone.

  2. Talk about desperate. So what if he turned out to be a psychotic serial killer…than he kills you…and then you’ll truly be alone in the grave…unless the police can’t find your body.

    Jeez, freakin masturbate or sumthing. But don’t move halfway around the world for sumone you barely know. He might be married with kids for all you know. Grow a brain

  3. I just moved from one end of the USA to the other to be with a guy I’ve talked to online for years and met in person only two times.

    So far … soo good. We are totally in love and now looking to buy a home together.

    Not everyone gets a happily ever after but every once in a while … we get lucky.

    Good Luck!

  4. It is natural to seek out the proclivities of human interaction, the simple comfort from the closeness with another. Do not let loose the sight of human coupling. In time you will find the answer that has alluded you.

  5. ok you are lonely, i get that. but you sound like you would take anything by anyone. well get wise you have a gift, it’s you everthing about you is special from your hair teeth down to your toes. think of yourself special and others will treat you special, take just anything and some boy will, after he has kissed and loved you and left you with a belly full of sperm, he’s off with another. so hold out make your touchs special the value you set on yourself other will have to reach it w.

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