Weight loss

The first time my father has said he thinks my body weight is fine is when I said I wanted to gain weight-
I’m below the weight that was my goal weight when I had an eating disorder. I’ve now started to set up a weight loss diet so that he might compliment me again.

5 thoughts on “Weight loss

  1. his opinion doesnt matter only urs does. so if u want to gain weight do it. u should care more abt what u think not what he thinks. go 4 it !! gain weight if u want to !! no one is stopping u.

  2. Work in progress. I am sorry that your dad doesn’t see your beauty! I share the constant disappointment in my father’s inability to realise I am human. I don’t think I will ever stop needing his approval, but you are too precious to measure your worth by his inability to view you as God-given gift. Good luck!

  3. Honey, one day he will die and you will be free. Speaking as one who saw his father’s dead body and said, “Now he can never hurt anyone again.”

  4. Don’t do it for the compliments, honey. Do it for what’s good for YOU, and YOU only. I get that you want your dad to compliment you, and that’s good, who wouldn’t want that? But, your goal should really be because you want to improve your health.

  5. Maybe it would help you to stop seeking your Dad’s approval as barometer for weight? Have you considered getting counseling so that you can learn to better accept yourself and body image? If not, please consider it as it would likely help you. Take care now.

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