Speak no evil

I loved drugs. Ecstasy in particular. It was colorful and stamped with different pictures. Apples, hearts, stars, peace signs, Mercedes, aliens, Supermans, Playboy bunnies, dollar signs… I was young when I did it and I was lucky to walk away from it. I’d go back to it if I wasn’t so scared of what might come out of my mouth. If I thought I had secrets before, wow. It makes it too easy to get comfortable. Comfortable is bad.

2 thoughts on “Speak no evil

  1. “I love drugs” LOL!!! You are beautifully honest, I laughed. You are on the right track by openly admitting your truth, keep it up!

  2. It’s good that you realize this and was able to move to move on. Now, vow to yourself to never go back – it’s simply not worth the risk. Take care now.

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