if i could i would be drunk/high all the time. i hate myself when i’m sober and being drunk is the only time i feel anything. i’m only confident when i’m drunk, my anxiety only goes away when i’m drunk, and i don’t feel like utter shit when i’m drunk. i’m only 17 i’m not supposed to be like this. help

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  1. I hurt for you! And…I’ve so been there. Please, talk to us. Talk to your teacher, your school counselor (although I was always afraid to, thought I’d wash away on a flood of tears…) your local pharmacist, priest, firefighter, sheriff’s deputy…there are so many people who are in your corner, who will listen and help you find the right answer for you! It isn’t alcohol. It really isn’t drugs. I’ve lost so many bright young minds to heroin and opiates, please don’t go that way. Never that way! (Insert lame 80’s movie reference here).

    Depression and anxiety are treatable conditions every bit as much as diabetes, seizures, high blood pressure…whatever you have ever heard of. I wish I had gotten over my fears enough to seek help at 17 and not 29….at 45 I still struggle with some days,but I have an amazing family, a great career, and I’m proud of who I am. You can be there, too, way faster than me!

    Please,please,please talk to someone! If you find the strength to reach out, you will be amazed at the strength of the response. And wonderful futures will be yours.

  2. I have lived my entire life with anxiety and depression. However, I am a successful businesswoman now, working for a leading communications firm. While it is never easy, the first step is admitting you have it and being willing to get help (medication, therapy, support system).

    Having anxiety and depression is not your fault. It is mainly caused by a serotonin deficiency. Some people have diabetes, others will have arthritis–my point is that everyone will have some sort of difficulty in their life. The important part is tackling the problem head on and not using drugs as a bandaid.

    Love yourself, you’re worth it.

  3. Wait till you are older, your behaviour will so screw up your life,I started drinking heavily when I was fourty after discovering my girlfriend hanging in the basement,thought it would kill me,tried to stop using benzodiazepines,got addicted to them then got divorced and started using blow and gambling,I’m going to jail soon and after that,straight to hell,see u there,at seventeen,you think you got trouble,wait it’s coming

  4. Get support. Honey, you are an alcoholic…now that does not mean you’re a piece of garbage . It’s a disease that needs treatment, possibly inpatient and go to AA meetings. Everyone there has been in the same boat and hearing stories of how they were, how they got sober and what life is like is inspiring if you just listen and take it to heart…you need support.

  5. Hang in there, look at things differently. Why are you feeling like shit? Why are you so anxious? Try & get to the source & work your way up from there, self medication is hard to stop because it’s easy, see a counselor or a psychiatrist someone to talk to and help get some of your problems off of your chest, even a close friend

  6. No, being drunk or high isn’t the answer. Work on things that will truly make you feel better, work out get an incredible body, get a degree in rocker sciences… Do something that will keep your mind busy and the right people will show up in your life .

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