I was a smoker.

I smoked for years and lied about it. This is absurd, of course, because I smelled of smoke, probably more than I even realized. This lead to me making dumb excuses which I’m sure nobody believed and undermined my credibility with those people.

Anyway, I quit one year ago today, and because I wasn’t open about smoking, I have nobody to share this milestone with. So here is this post. Thanks if you read it.

4 thoughts on “I was a smoker.

  1. Congratulations! You can still share this milestone however if you choose to as well as give your confession with love ones at the same time.

  2. Im so happy for you. I wish I could quit. Maybe some people knew maybe they didnt. I really am happy for you…take care.

    1. Cool…it’s not easy to quit. Happy for u 2! I have been smoking since my husband’s death because I was ODing on stress. Want to stop.

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