I think about killing myself daily

I’m only 19 and have been using drugs as an escape from reality. For the past 4 years i’ve had to deal with my own parents calling the cops on me for smoking weed occasionally but it was the only thing keeping me sane while my parents were literally trying to ruin my life. Set me up with no life savings, no position to get a car or even any transportation to work. My parents are narcisists and my dad has M.S and is lucky he is not in a wheel chair. He works 12 hours a day except for sunday at the age of 50 because unfortunately the economy took a turn for the worse. Me and my parents have sinced recouperated however I feel that I am psychologically f***** forever. I feel like killing myself everyday but I know I wouldnt have the balls to do it. if I don’t smoke everyday I will be in hell. The situation I grew up in has made my SEVERE ADD and ADHD even worse and has created extreme anxiety for me in any future endeavors

2 thoughts on “I think about killing myself daily

  1. A couple of things might help you: 1) get treatment for your weed addiction, 2) get counseling to figure out your life and 3) focus on improving your relationship with your parents. Take care now.

  2. Drugs and depression is never a good combo. Sit back for a second and take a breath think about you biggest problem in you life then put a plan together to solve it. As for you parents your not the first nor the last person that’s in that situation forgive them and focus on you sir your unborn child won’t go through that pain you feel.

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