how to get out of eating??!?!

so, my sister recently found out i was slightly anorexic. she wants me to eat 1,300 calories a day… which as we know for anorexic people it’s a f*** ton. so i said no and she said shell make me a 300 calorie breakfast and shell make me dinner. she also said that im going vegetarian. shes being really supportive and i appreciate it but i cant eat 1300 calories a day unless im burning 650 calories a day, which i cant do. i realistically want to eat about 700 calories a day, but she wont let me. how do i get out of this?!

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  1. Forget your little deal with your sister. It’s okay to break a little promise and you might want to use this to let your sister know what is going on with you. Anorexia is extremely dangerous. If you have not contacted your doctor, please do so. Therapy would likely also help you. Be well and please update us on your progress.

  2. I, too, was anorexic. I would only eat a single saltine cracker when I was starving. I knew that I had to give my body SOMETHING to work off of. Do you know what the reason is that you are withholding food from yourself? Was there a break up? What has happened in your life that you feel you need to control this? For me personally, I realized that my personal life was spiraling out of control. One of the only things that I could control was what I was putting in my mouth. I had control of that. No one was going to tell me what to eat and when to eat it. I would go to family dinners and sometimes pretend that I didn’t “feel good” and say that the food may make me sicker than what I already was. That is how I got out of it. But then I realized that is so dangerous and so bad for your body. I started to understand that food is fuel for your body to be healthy. Just like your car needs gas to drive, your body needs food to fuel live. I am now a healthy weight, and have been for years. I sometimes want to revert back to that behavior, but I have a son now. And I need to be healthy for him. He keeps me strong and knowing that lifestyle is not something that I can continue to do. Your sister is trying to help you and wants to keep you alive. That is not a bad thing. Maybe don’t look at the calories of everything. If you are constantly counting calories when you are anorexic that makes for a bad mix. don’t worry about how many you are burning either. I would really like to know though why you feel this is something that you need to do?

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