Drugs Get Me By

I snort one bag of heroin every day. It keeps me going. I couldn’t get a bag today and I am pissed. I know I need to stop. But it’s so hard.

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  1. Please get help. You’re a good person who is in a bad situation. Don’t let this be the thing that defines you. I don’t know you but I care-a lot. I will pray for you and I hope you get the help needed.

  2. I’m a med student and I see a lot of people in my current rotation who have addiction to heroin. Plenty of ppl… rich/poor, educated/not, mothers, teens, u name it.

    It’s important to remember you have value–even though the addiction is messed up that doesn’t mean you are.

    Try your best to join an NA group so you can see for yourself that you’re not alone and you’re not pathetic.

    Wishing you the best,

  3. Drugs are the consequence of something not going well in your life, no matter what the defenders of the war on drugs may say (it`s your choice to consume or not bla bla bla it`s your fault for trying it out in the first place bla bla bla). You can check up Kurzgesagt’s YouTube video on addiction to know what I mean.

    When you’ll really feel like stopping (which will only happen after you’ve identified the bad effects of your addiction, like financial issues or poor relationships) try solving at least one problem that pushed you to use drugs in the first place. Once you did that, you can try out other strategies to stop.

    One is to move away from everything that makes you want to use. “Everything” as in other drug users, wherever you usually consume, bad people in your life, etc. If worse comes to worse, you can move out of the country entirely. I know a guy that’s trying this out (moving away from bad people) and it’s working well with going to the gym.

    Another is to learn something, or participate in a group thing. Take a class or go traveling in groups (with trustworthy people).

    My favorite strategy is to plan something (as in designing or planning a trip). It gives me a huge dopamine boost.

  4. You don’t snort heroin… This is just too funny you are an idiot you snort cocaine and inject or smoke heroin, dumbass.

  5. Your not pathetic. Your just addicted to an opiate which is one of the easiest to get addicted, the easiest to develop a tolerance to and one of the most destructive drugs a person can take.
    Eventually, snorting a bag a day will turn into 2 bags, 3 bags then the needle and intravenous use because its a harder hit than snorting. Eventually your just a zombie with arms full of track marks, no home, no job, possibly stealing and robbing for cash. Then your spending $200 a day on dope just to avoid getting sick. You’ll eventually loose the ability to get that ” high” because your brain will down regulate the feel good receptors to almost nothing, requiring you to do dope constantly in ever lager amounts because your brain
    has put up so many barriers you can quickly feel like you’ll die if you don’t get that next hit.
    Sorry if it sounds dramatic, I have been taking drug and narcotics classes for my criminal justice degree we had to learn this stuff.
    Like I said, your not pathetic you were exposed to a drug that has a very strong allure and very easy which to get addicted. I was hooked on amphetamines briefly and was an alcoholic for 16 years. Not exactly the same chemicals as heroin but same motivating factors. Sounds cliched but the first step to recovery is honestly admitting you have a problem and you want to stop. You’ve already done that on this forum. I’d recommend figuring out why you started medicating. Was it for fun then just became habitual? was it because of stress or something at home? The treatments available for opiates and opioids are numerous. Detox is of course the awful depending upon severity of addiction but with other medicines the severity and cravings can be eased while your getting well. I remember I went to one AA meeting and hated it but, I was able to find some less preachy groups that helped. I’m just shooting you straight from my experience. I’m not the preachy, self righteous, coin collecting former alcoholic like a lot of them are. I’m just a regular dude that let things get out of control, same as you. ( or dudette?) I got help, got better, stopped using and moved on. “They” say “its a disease, your always an addict its a lifetime process” blah blah. I don’t believe that myself. I say this only because I think that line of thinking is flawed and convinces people they’ve already lost the battle no matter what. Thats a scary idea to me, I think its a medical and mental condition that can be overcome with time and commitment. You can be get passed this.

  6. I was there. But the thing is…you THINK it keeps you going. Sure, it keeps you from getting sick, but it’s actually holding you down not keeping you going.
    Personally i don’t get it when people say it’s hard to stop. It’s like having a really bad case of the flu for a few days. It’s not the end of the world, as long as you wean down and not just suddenly stop. Unfortunately that’s how most people stop…suddenly because they can’t score.
    But if you have a little discipline and can wean down, That’s the way to go. The smaller you get it down, the less horrible it is.
    I did it on and off for about 8 years. I got tired of going through it…and spending my vacations in motel rooms being dope sick… and it’s been almost 20 years since i used. Plus i was tired of the scum i had to deal with to score.

    If you can’t do it on your own, ask for help…there’s plenty of it out there.
    Also i suggest no methadone. Stay away from that shit. And definitely no suboxone…that stuff is horrible. I did methadone and then suboxone once with doctors ‘help’. And that stuff was worse than the heroin itself. 5 days max to get off heroin, 6 months of hell to get off their ‘help’. But if you need the help get it, that’s just my opinion.

    If you’ve never been though withdrawals….just know the 2nd night there is no sleep. Period. Don’t even try, it will just piss you off. And don’t think sleeping pills, alcohol…forget it. There is no sleep the 2nd night. Then you’ll sleep through most of the 3rd day…and you’re basically done. The rest is just a shitty cold.
    And i learned being in bed the whole time just makes it worse. If you’re being active…walking or whatever, it helps the body rid the nasty. I actually went golfing one time. Running from outhouse to outhouse clenching. (wayyyy too much info)

    Sorry for writing an essay. lol
    Good Luck. You can do it, this too shall pass. It’s not as hard as you think. Just learn from it and never go back.

  7. Hello, I won’t say we are the same because I am weed, not cocaine. I don’t know your reasons but I hope you can find the help you need before it is too late, I’m sorry if my blunt response isn’t what you needed or would like to hear, I can’t do much better. I hope you are strong enough to help what won’t help you.

  8. Same here, you’re not alone. It is hard. But entirely possible if you’re dedicated, you just need to truly decide that you 100% want to and are going to. And then block your first reactions of wanting to get high till you figure out life again without it. I never would have thought my life would turn into a heroin addiction situation, no one I know did, but the past doesn’t decide the future- ever!!! Best of luck

  9. My heavens. How much is this costing you? You’ve been without a few days, what about DAT? Besides procuring, how can I help? Believe me when I say that I have resources I can call upon if youre ready to be done. And I double-dog swear that som e battles? We fight those together.

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